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Motivational Quote plugin

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About Motivational Quotes

This Motivational Quote WordPress Plugin is based on “Hello Dolly” first WordPress Plugin , When enabled you will randomly see Motivational Quote , in the upper right of your admin screen .

Download Motivational Quote

version 1.0 : http://www.chaaban.info/Motivational_Quote.zip

Installing Motivational Quote on WordPress

  • Unzip the Motivational_Quote.zip file , and upload Motivational_Quote.php to your wp-content/plugin
  • Activate your plugin in your control Panel

This First Version of Motivational Quote contain 24 Quotes , if this plugin get some success i’ll publish another version that contain more Quotes, maybe different kinds of quotes .

Bugs/Feature Requests

Contact me by Mail : chaabant[-@-]gmail[-dot-].com


If you enjoy using this plugin or appreciate the hard work that goes into developing and maintaining it for the community, please consider donating. All funds will go into the support, maintenance, and development of future WordPress Plugins release.

Thanks For your support .


  1. Will this only work with wordPress? I like it. thanks.

  2. If you want to use this script in your page and you dont use wordpress you can make some changes to the php file to make it work on any web page that support php .

    Delete the followings codes :

    $chosen = wptexturize($quote[ mt_rand(0, count($quote)-1)]);

    add_action('admin_footer', 'Motivational_Quote');

    add_action('admin_head', 'Motivational_Quote_css');

    add the following :

    $chosen = $quote[ mt_rand(0, count($quote)-1)]);

    and call the function where you want :

    Motivational_Quote () ;

  3. Nice plugin, though it doesn’t work so well in WordPress 2.0. The colour looks a little out of place with the blue-themed admin area, and the location of the text overlaps the sign-out and my-account links.

    Overall though, good job! Thanks :-)

  4. A long time a go, i’m searching plugin like it. I found from you. thank’s

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