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BibTex WordPress Plugin Launched :: php bibtex parser bib :: BIBTEXT :: bibtexte

Usage of BibTeX :: bib parser php

This tool can be used for : BibTeX to MySQL (SQL), BibTeX extractor , BibTeX Parser PHP , bib parser php , Adding BibTeX , BibTex to HTML , bibtex to rss (comming soon) .

About BibTeX (bib)

BibTeX is a tool for formatting lists of references used by the LaTeX document preparation system. BibTeX was created by Oren Patashnik and Leslie Lamport in 1985. BibTeX makes it easy to cite sources in a consistent manner, by separating bibliographic information from the presentation of this information.

You Can Also use BibTex Plugin if you would like to convert BibTex (text file) to Database (Mysql)

Download BibTex Plugin
version 1.0 : http://www.chaaban.info/bibtex.zip

BibTex Demo Page

They Say : ” A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words

Here is a live demo of BibTex plugin – bib : Galicia BibTex

Info About BibTex Plugin

You will find in the bibtex.zip file :

      Read Me First.txt (Info About The Plugin )
      wp-images (folder)
      Themes (folder – Contain example of a wordpress page)
      install.php (Table Creation script)
      BibTexParser.php (BibTex Parser )
      show_bibtex.php (Show BibTex Entry Definition)
      bibtex.php (Admin Integration of BibTex )
      file.txt (An Empty File Needed , dont forget to CHMOD 666)
      domcollapse.js (To Add collapse and expand option )
      style.css (css to be added in your themes/style.css)

Setup bib

  • Unzip the bibtex.zip file , and upload it to your wp-content/plugin
  • CHMOD file.txt to 666
  • Go to : www.your-domain.com/wp-content/plugins/bibtex/install.php (to Create the tables … if the installation went perfect you will see a confirmation message)
  • delete the install.php file after the installation
  • Activate your plugin in your control Panel
  • Make a wordpress page using your control panel
  • Make the Call from a page to the bibTex function : get_bibtex($limit=10 , $before_title = ”, $after_title = ”, $end)

Advanced BibTex Issues

If You would like to add more fields to the BibTex Entry those are the allowed variable that you can add :

$abstract , $year , $group , $publisher , $page_start , $page_end , $pages , $address , $url, $volume , $chapter , $journal , $author , $raw , $title , $booktitle , $folder , $type , $linebegin, $lineend .

The File to be edited is :


You just need to Uncomment or Comment what you want from The BibTex variables to appear on the site .

Javascript :: Usage

[if You want to use the Expand and collapse proprety]

* Upload the two pics (plus_sign.png & moins.png) to wp-images

* Upload the domcollapse.js to where the blog is installed

* You will have to include the js file in your page : <script type="text/javascript" src="link-to-your/domcollapse.js"></script>  

* Also add to your css file , what inside the style.css file

[end if]

BibTex Database Tables -> Sql Query


CREATE TABLE wp_Bibtex (
id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
entry_type varchar(255) NOT NULL default ”,
uniq_key varchar(255) NOT NULL default ”,
abstract mediumtext,
`year` year(4) default NULL,
groupes varchar(255) default NULL,
publisher varchar(255) default NULL,
page_start varchar(255) default NULL,
page_end varchar(255) default NULL,
pages varchar(55) default NULL,
address varchar(255) default NULL,
url varchar(255) default NULL,
volume varchar(255) default NULL,
chapter varchar(255) default NULL,
journal text,
author varchar(255) default NULL,
raw text,
title varchar(255) NOT NULL default ”,
booktitle varchar(255) default NULL,
folder varchar(255) default NULL,
`types` text,
linebegin varchar(255) default NULL,
lineend varchar(255) default NULL,
UNIQUE KEY `key` (uniq_key)


BibTex Admin Usage

To Add BibTex Entry , Log to your control panel , go to (Write) –> Insert BibTex

PAST Your BibTex Entry and Submit .

A Confirmation message will be shown for each entry .

BibTex Plugin ToDo

  • Allow User to Search The BibTex Entries

BibTex Changelog

  • none yet :)

Bugs/Feature Requests

Contact me by Mail : chaabant[-@-]gmail[-dot-].com


If you enjoy using this plugin or appreciate the hard work that goes into developing and maintaining it for the community, please consider donating.

All funds will go into the support, maintenance, and development of future wp-Bibtex releases – bib parser php .

Thanks for your support .


  1. any chance for wp2 ?

  2. Dear Sir!

    Where can I report a possible bug belonging to standard bibliography style files? I might have found one but the email adress given in the documentation (PATASHNIK@SCORE.STANFORD.EDU) seems to be not valid anymore.

    The possible bug I am speaking of can be found within abbrv.bst but it might be found in other (standard) bst-files too:

    In most of the defined citation-types (e.g. masthersthesis, phdthesis, and most of the others too) the TITLE is outputted in lower case except the first letter.

    I found out, that replacing (all) the lines
    “format.title “title” output.check” with
    “format.btitle “title” output.check” might be the solution.

    But I don’t know if this is a “dirty” trick or the “clean” solution. Last but not least it is forbidden to change this style files, as far as I understand the terms of use.

    By the way this seems to be a very common error (at least, I think this is an error) that occurs in other style files too (e.g. EMCSR2006). So I would prefer to communicate this bug to people who are working on the standard bibliography files.

    Please, inform me what you think about this issue!

    With kind regards,
    Reinhard Pitsch

  3. I dident tryed it yet on WordPress 2.0 .

    i will test it soon and let you know if some changes need to be made .

    Tarek .

  4. Hello,

    do you have some news about the use of the bibtex plugin on WordPress 2.x? I try this, I can import a bibtex entry, but I’m not able to display the entries!


  5. Hello , I Tested this plugin under wordpress 2.0.1 and it work perfectly without any problem .

  6. Hallo Chaaban,
    I had the “open_basedir restriction” – problem, when I would get a message that the upload file path was outside the allowed range.
    I found out that one has to replace line number 142 in the bibtex.php (which is: $root = “$pathtofile/plugins/bibtex”;) with the following:
    $root = ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/plugins/bibtex’;
    This will fix the open_basedir problem.

    Regards and thanks for a VERY handy plugin!


  7. have you thought about a plugin that does not enter the bibtex data into the database, but just transform bibtex syntax in HTML format?

    it would be useful to maintain on a wordpress page the personal list of publications taken directly from the bibtex format. It would be easy to maintain and update.

    Cheers, Sergio

  8. Tarek

    thanks for providing such a great plug-in. Any chance though to explain the syntax of the bibTex function to non-Perl initiates? I got it to run in WordPress 2.x from blog entries after installing exec-php, basically by pasting the Perl part of your bib.php template. This works fine as far as it goes but it does not do what I want:

    How can I use your function to selectively display content from my bibtex database, e.g. by picking out a particular author or year of publication or key?


  9. To display a selective content from the bibtex you should edit the sql query .

    i didnt make this function available yet … but it should be easy to do .

    I will soon publish a plugin for wordpress that allow user to interact with a database and display results .

    Just hope to get some free time ….

    Thank’s all for your supports .

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