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WordPress Plugin

I’ll post here Plugin That i will write … instruction and usage …

Project Under Construction

1 – BibTex Plugin

2 – Random Motivational Quote (Admin Panel)

3 – Google Page Rank

4 – Database Displayer for WordPress (Comming soon … hope to have time for it)


  1. Hello, just wanted to ask you, can we use plug-ins if we use wordpress.com blogging without downloading the program? Who hosts you? Please include info as possible.Thanks

  2. i host my self :)

    and no you can’t have plugins on wordpress.com

    here is what they have to say about it :

    There is no plugins tab.
    There is also no tab for editing a theme.

    For a variety of reasons we do not permit the uploading and use of plugins on wordpress.com
    We do not install plugins on an individual basis.

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