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Angry Birds Cheat : Unlocking the Locked Worlds

If you are one of those players that have finished Angry Birds but still haven’t gotten your fix of flinging birds? Unlocking the locked levels can help you to play more, and play quicker. Through the process that can easily unlock the levels, this is one of the most sought after hacks, allowing you to easily discover everything that the Angry Birds game has to offer.

Here is the process that can be used to unlock the locked levels while playing Angry Birds on the Iphone or Ipad:

First, start Angry Birds and go to the World Starts Screen on Your Iphone.

Next, center one of the worlds that has been locked in the center of the screen and push the back button all the way out of the Angry Birds game.

Load up the angry birds game for the Iphone, but this time when the ‘play’ button shows up on the screen tap it quickly and repeatedly.

This should bring you inside the locked worlds section of the Angry Birds game where you should be able to pass the first level and open the locked worlds.

Alternatively, there are free applications that can allow the user to unlock the levels, most popular through the Angry Birds season games.

These applications can be downloaded to the phone free of charge and used to unlock the levels. The user should realize that the applications that can be downloaded to unlock the levels are often intensive and the user must understand how they work and how they are combined with other components of the phone to unlock the levels that are being played.

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