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Finding the Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

Are you looking for a way to get around searching for the golden egg locations while playing Angry Birds? Rather than spending hours searching through the levels, here is a breakdown of the golden egg locations that can help you to save time while playing the game.

Here are ten locations that can give you golden eggs that can be found while playing Angry Birds:

  • The first egg can be found through the first part of the game. Clicking on the credits button and watching the credits the whole way through can allow a golden egg to appear at the end of the credits. Touching the egg can allow you to make use of the golden egg.
  • The second egg can be found in the menu of the game. To find the egg, touch the setting sun in the background and the egg can appear.
  • Third, while playing the game push the pause button. At the time the game is paused a white bird will appear that will lay a golden egg.
  • Fourth, get the maximum amount of stars in each of the games of levels one, two and three. A golden egg will appear.
  • Fifth, get the maximum amount of stars in all sections of the last two levels of the game.
  • Sixth, while playing level one at section eight, touch the barricaded treasure chest to prompt an egg that will appear in the game.
  • Seventh, while playing in level two, section two, destroy the beach ball to prompt an egg to appear.
  • The eighth egg can be found in level seven, where the user can pan across the screen to find the image of the yellow bird, hitting the yellow bird will result in a golden egg.
  • In the ninth level, looking above the rocket in the level and touching the screen is going to release another golden egg.
  • The tenth egg is found in level six where the boomerang bird must be used to break the balloon above the pigs in the fourteenth section of the game.
  • The eleventh egg is found in the eighth level where the user can pull the screen as far to the right as possible, where plain as day a golden egg can be found.

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