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How to Play Angry Birds for Free on Your Iphone

Angry Birds been downloaded by millions of players that have paid the $.99 price for the popular application, but did you know that there is a way that you can play Angry Birds for free on your Iphone?

Taking part in the popular game is simple through apps like Angry Birds Lite, which can enable you to experience the greatness that is Angry Birds, for free.  The addictive game can allow you to take part in the flinging of birds, for free.

Angry Birds Lite offers eight levels of play, to give the user a taste of the levels that are found in Angry Bird full version of the popular bird flinging extravaganza. The eight levels are similarly laud out with the user trying to gain access to the next level by passing the previous. Three scoring options are available, similar to the full version of the popular game that includes the one, two or three stars. Three stars is the maximum amount of points and recommended in order to get the highest score for the game.

Many people choose to download Angry Birds Lite, just to see what all the fuss is about and find themselves addicted to the game that is being played. Downloading the game can give you a taste of the game play that comes with the full version and can leave you wanting more, in the way of birds.

Once you become familiar with the game and addicted to slinging birds across the screen, you can easily move on to the full version of the game for the cost of $.99. Downloading the full version is going to cost you money, but you can have access to more of the features in the game as well as additional levels and the chance to collect golden eggs.

See, users of Android phones aren’t the only ones that get to play Angry Birds for free!

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