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The End of Digg & MySpace in 2011 ?

This is a short post …

What do you think will happen to Digg & MySpace in 2011 ?

MySpace dead longtime ago for me , in fact i only used it few times when we had a contract to do for MySpace UK 2 years ago , they were investing ~80K in advertising so we had to do all the keywords research and analysis anyway with all the recent news that they will lay off up to 50% of their staff .. I don’t think they will last long before someone else buy them or we just see the end of MySpace …

As for Digg … When was the last time you heard about it ? Looking at their homepage now average digg for a story is 120 diggs …few years back it wasn’t less than 1500-2000.

It’s hard to compete with Facebook & Twitter , Kevin Rose (Digg Founder) should have sold Digg when it  was valued at $250 Million .

Moral of the story … Trends come and go faster than ever on the Internet!

So what do you think will happen ?  Any other  that will go away ?

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  1. There has been lots of crazy BUZZ about this over the past few days on the Social Sites.

  2. There is a lot of speculation. Many say it is due to recent changes. Others saying it is the way in which articles get to the front page

  3. Digg seemed to lose a lot of its pop when it changed its “sharing” option several months ago. People were complaining all over the place about that.

  4. MySpace is a clunky piece of garbage

  5. I can tell you that Myspace will not die anytime soon. Myspace was started by a company famous for spyware and e-mail spamming as a marketing experiment and quickly grew into what it is today after being purchased by NewsCorp.

  6. MySpace takes forever to load. I can’t even open some of the pages because of all the graphics and ads.

  7. Does anyone take Myspace serious anymore?

  8. Facebook is the number 1 in the world … … in my view : if they never work to be more better, MySpace will be inactive after a bit of time !!!!

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