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iPad Canada

The iPad is a touch-sensitive tablet that allows users to access the Internet, read emails  , play video games & much more … It’s been out in the United States since April and was also launched Friday to Apple fans in Europe, Asia and Australia.

In Canada, the iPad ranges in price from $549 for a 16-GB Wifi model to $879 for a 64-GB Wifi and 3G model.


Canadians have been anxiously waiting for the iPad  to go on sale  and some  people who love Apple and they’ll buy whatever they make.

There’s also an element of techno-lust I like to call it, which is, it’s sexy to have the newest, shiniest device “iPAD”

iPad  Data Plan in Canada

IPad Bell Data Plan

5GB $35 / 30 days
250MB $15 / 30 days

+ Free subscription to Bell Mobile TV

No contract period just renews every 30 days, top up as needed & cancel anytime.

Bell iPad plans provide free unlimited access to Wi-Fi at all Bell hotspots including over 750 Starbucks locations.

iPad Rogers Data Plan

Same as Bell … Only Difference is that you get less WI-FI spots (~375)  and no Bell Mobile Tv subscription

They don’t have a plan that actually fits most people’s consumption. 250Mb is very little and means you couldn’t really watch videos ever, just surf the web and check email. However I think for most people 5Gb is overkill.

They’re basically trying to herd you into buying the 5Gb plan, because they know that most people who actually make use of this will need more than 250 Mb.

And what’s the big advantage to being able to buy more data usage mid-month? You get the option of paying another $15 for another 250Mb? How is that helpful? At that point you’d have been better off just going for the 5Gb plan from the start. It would be much more customer friendly if you had the option of upgrading your plan mid-month.

This is a very aggressive pricing tactic aimed at making the customer pay top dollar for a service they won’t use fully.

Some Solutions :

If you already have an Iphone Data Plan …just get the cheapest non-3G iPad, jailbreak your iPhone, and use the iPhone data plan for both! This should work much better, as you carry your iPhone all the time, but not necessarily the iPad.

Your Thoughts ?

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  1. I will go with BELL, reason:

    1. Bell has wifi hotspot in (almost) every Starbucks.. Rogers has TWO hotspots in Vancouver

  2. Get a $250 netbook, surf for free on Wifi, save a ton of money.

  3. I already have a netbook and it does not do a lot of stuff the iPad does. Netbooks do not have touch screens and take time to boot up. Plus they do not run for 10 hours on batteries.

    Netbooks have a smaller screens and do not connect to 3G network unless you have internet stick and those plans are more expensive than the data plans the iPads have.

  4. i just bought 2 ipads, going to receive them both tomorrow.

    definitely going to try both. put bell in one, and rogers in the other and run em side by side for fun.

    see which side wins. for $15.00 to test, its worth it.

  5. I bought the ipad .. the rep offered me a prepaid sim card and the 2 year psp on it …

    “If you buy the 2 year PSP @ $109, I will give you this Bell microsim with 3 free months of 5gb/month, a value worth $105.”

  6. There is NO reason to buy an iPAD . It is a giant sized Ipod Touch !

  7. “There is NO reason to buy an iPAD . It is a giant sized Ipod Touch !”

    I have a small TV in the guest room, and I went out and got a 50″ plasma for the family room. Was there NO reason to do so, since I already had a TV albeit a much smaller one, non-HD that wasn’t nearly as enjoyable?

    Your argument makes little to no sense. The iPad takes everything to the next level over the iTouch, but it’s not as portable. The iPad does things you would never be able to do on an iTouch. For those who don’t mind squinting, I guess the iTouch is usable for many of the same things, but you can’t simply say “it’s just a giant sized iPod Touch”.

  8. The Apple iPad without the VoIP app cannot be used to place calls or text message friends, but rest of the built-in capabilities of Apple’s new device mimic those integrated in the iPhone 3GS.

  9. ipad needs 10 megapixel video and still camera – 1 Petabyte hardrive – 5 USB Ports
    3 HDMI ports – windows Xp compatable – need to be able no download pirate music and video without itunes blocking me……….

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