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Hey Tarek

I have a question.  I need to do a video conference which is better Skype or Paltalk and can i have more than 2 cams on view in either

Skype :
Skype is good if you have 1 on 1 video conference + It’s Free & It doesn’t allow multi cam conference .

Paltalk :
Paltalk is good for multi-video conference but the quality won’t be good if you are a regular member … you have to be a paid member to have a good quality . (If it’s only a 1 time video conference you can sign-up for the 14 free trial at hearme.com)

The Quality used to be very bad , but I’ve tested it recently and it’s quite good but again it’s only 1 on 1 video conference .

Other video conference solutions

They Offer a 14 day free trial  + Multi video conference + Desktop & apps  Sharing , I’ve tested it … all what you need is a good connection and live in the States or Canada (Since the voice will be on phone … they will give you a 1-800 number + conference number)  so anyone can join the voice call .

Web Conference Solutions (Not Tested)

Polycom Video Conference Systems : Video solutions for your enterprise collaboration and conferencing needs . For traditional conferencing applications in standard quality resolutions, Polycom offers various product options.

Cisco Unified Videoconferencing : Designed for organizations with video environments predominantly comprising standard definition (SD) and desktop endpoints.

BTS Conferencing Suite:   Completely web based, everything is run directly from the web browser, sessions are viewable across all platforms, PC, Mac & Linux. With our Java based screen sharing plugin, presenters can be on any platform as well.

If anyone else has other web conference solution in mind , feel free to post them in the comment area .

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  1. Thank you for the above list of video conferencing tools. Another option is deploying on premise RHUB web-video conferencing appliances in order to conduct web conferences, video conferences, free audio conferencing, online meeting, online presentations etc.

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