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Browsing Privacy

browsing privacy

browsing privacy

Got This Question on my blog … as you know you can send me Questions if you need help related to computer/internet/ etc ..

I have a question…

I entered in the twitter account (on the internet) of someone and spent maybe 10,15 minutes in the page of the person. I was told that there is no way someone can know who visited his account on the internet. I does not seem to be true.

One can know that his account was visited by someone from China, for example, and that the person spent a few minutes there?
I am asking that because now there is this thing called twitter analyzer… From it is possible to know the info. that I mentioned before?
See, I did that a few days ago. The next day the person post a message about a stalker. It seems he knows someone spent a few minutes in his twitter account on the internet. It is clear!

I got curious. If you can help me…

There is nothing wrong here since the info. was there available to everybody, but know I really want to know that.

I am a complete ignorant about all these sites (facebook, twitter…). I just have an email account. I regretted what I did. Anyway…
I appreciate any consideration you can give me.

Thank you.


Don’t worry … when you visit someone ‘s twitter account,  they can’t know that , twitter doesn’t offer any kind of stats:

  • who visited your twitter account
  • how many visits your twitter account got
  • where you’re visitors are coming from

Even the tool that you mentioned doesn’t allow such thing

Now this is different with owned websites … example mine (chaaban.info) when you posted a comment i got your ip address  and from your ip address i can know your location and your internet service provider except if you use a proxy (wont enter in such  details here)

So just don’t worry you can visit any twitter account and the guy wont know about it .

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  1. Thank you for sharing this question! Privacy issues are often a concern for people…

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