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Goes further with Facebook

facebook-social-networkingWith over 200 million members, Facebook is a key platform for developing the image of your company or product.

“But I already have a profile on LinkedIn and other on Twitter,” you say. Perfect. But Facebook is different and superior in several respects. Like Twitter, Facebook used to develop your contact base and share information relevant to your industry. But Facebook is a platform complex, much more than just a program of micro-blogging.

On Facebook, your profile may release huge amounts of personal information from your “emotional state” (read status), and religion to favorite quotes and contact information. You can also join groups and pages-and thus also create your own group members or a page with “fans” of your company or product.

There are so many possibilities that you getting motion sickness. Let me help:
As always, your audience will want to first define clearly, allowing you to discern the type of information you agree to disclose and thus develop an ideal strategy. If you use Facebook for your business or product you want your profile, group and / or page is public and accessible from a Google search (there are extensive options under Privacy Settings section for just this purpose). But be careful when filling your pages. Remember: If you remove what you post on the Internet, will always remain a trace.

Now you can shape your strategy. You’ll enjoy ample freedom to customize your image-how you want your audience will perceive it? You can create a profile, group, or a page (or all three) for your business or product, as you gain “friends” or “fans” continue to grow your input and industry credibility. Start discussions, add photos, videos, use the field “notes” like a blog, update your status as a pseudo-Twitter (you can sync your Twitter with your Facebook status updates if you wish), etc..

It is crucial to use your profile or page to its full potential: it includes all the information you want, this is your chance to tell what inspires you in your endeavor to highlight the unique facets of your company or product, and trace your image or “person” of a versatile and available to millions. Include your website, blog, Twitter account, telephone, instant messaging names (eg. Windows Live), etc. to ensure peak performance.

After you make your image, you can import your contacts via your email accounts and instant messaging.

As always, remember to spread the link to your Facebook information in the signature of your emails, your blog, etc., so your virtual presence farthest reaches.

And create a plaque of Facebook for publication on your website or blog, thus mutually connecting these sites. And since, such as Twitter, you can share ideas, news articles, and links with your contacts, you can use this method to enhance your original strategy. Another tool is to comment-on status updates (tweets style), links, and more on walls, groups, etc.-and so interact with your audience in a more fluid, informal and prevalent.

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