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10 applications for use with Facebook

The most basic thing you can do on Facebook to promote your business is to create a page, which also serve to create and expand a network of contacts, communicate with them, and more.facebook-applications

To go further there are applications or “apps”, programs that work as accessories from people outside of Facebook that are incorporated into your account so you can take care of increased business from one place.

My BusinessBlinkWeb This app is fantastic: it is used to create a widget or a badge to promote your business. Facebook users then can add your widget to their profiles. This means free advertising in your network.

IEndorse is an app that lets your Facebook contacts leave “endorsements” or positive testimonials about your business on your page. By adding this app, users can find you through an additional channel: the database IEndorse business. And if you have a personal profile and are interested in creating a separate profile for your business, you can do with this app. (Testimonials offers the same but does not include a database.)

Introductions good if you are a shy person (even in the virtual world) or you can not think exactly how to present to a contact that interests you. Also for you to start presentations from your contacts and your contacts will help create useful connections.

Professional Profile (Professional Profile) if you will like your friends and family together with your colleagues and clients and contacts. This app opens a new section on your profile so you can see all your business contacts separate from the rest, plus your professional information and related activities.

Networked Blogs app appears on your profile for you to promote your blog and you like read-which is always promoted to exceed one and nothing else. If you are generous, people will be generous with you.

BlogCast Simplaris automatically updates your status with the title of the last entry in your blog along with your link to appear on the home page of all your contacts every time you post something new.

SmartMessage Center reduces your efforts to let them send messages to several persons or groups simultaneously and receive a single result which in turn can share. Perfect for when you want to collect and organize various types of information on one page, without doing it manually. To make matters worse, once organized information will be available for export or download in PDF format, RSS or XLS.

My LinkedIn Profile (My profile on LinkedIn) is simply a tool to create a plate, place it in your profile or page, and with one click you can reach your Facebook to your profile at LinkedIn.

SlideShare will serve you if you work with or create PowerPoint presentations, Open Office or PDF. Once uploaded to SlideShare on Facebook, they may accede reviews, ratings, labels and let your contacts down your presentations to your computer and upload to their blogs. Besides, you get access to hundreds of presentations to other professionals.

To see more apps and read their reviews, you can join the Facebook Applications group through your Facebook profile.

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