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How can you use social networks professionally?


Any entrepreneurs (myself included in that category to those who do freelance because we offer goods or services in the same way) have identified the value to social networks if they are used properly, both to promote their services through the popular as Facebook and Twitter for example, to find potential business contacts in networks of entrepreneurs.

We leave behind the assumption that Facebook only serves to pass the time in the office and that Twitter is just used to share links to funny videos I found on YouTube (which happens too much for my taste).

There are three main ways to use social networks as we all know that more and more people have access to the news of your company or your work and a series of options to exchange ideas and network with other entrepreneurs.

Professional blogs

A blog can be an invaluable tool for marketing your business. If you have good information you can share on your blog and that is of interest to your customers, then you should not think twice before you start writing. Only need to maintain a high level of quality in the information you share, maintain a publication schedule and stick to it and not ignore certain recommendations that apply to any blog:

  • It is necessary to be always ready to share some of your personal side, having a point of view and not be afraid to share.
  • Keep in mind the use of keywords, but not overemphasized.
  • Take time to review and edit all your post before publishing. Quality control.

Be patient and give time to time: keep a blog is an activity with long-term benefits and none of these tips will get you a handful of customers overnight, but if you make a commitment to maintaining a quality blog and following up, might be surprised how useful it will be to promote your business.

Facebook and Twitter

Twitter can be an effective tool in finding customers, if you focus on maintaining a professional profile and you might even find the odd business opportunity. To do this you can use services like Twellow to find relevant people in your environment and use the search function to find specific keywords.

Facebook can also help you to establish your credibility and differentiate yourself from the rest in your environment, and gradually bring new opportunities for your business. Creating a profile and keeping in mind the purpose of it (advertise your services, for example), you can increase your customer base.

Consider several options, including:

  • Paste links to your professional blog posts in your profile.
  • Do not be so discriminating when you have to accept a request from friends and cheer to connect to people who may not know very well.
  • Create a page for your business and we hope to get a good number of fans.
  • Explore the Facebook advertising system.
  • Add some personality to your professional profile.
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