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How to make money with Facebook

make money on facebookNote : This is a Guest Post by jessica dsouza , if You want to write a guest post send me an email with your article and i will post it .


The Flayers is something new in Facebook that lets you CPC (COST / CLICK) or CPM (COST / 1000 IMPRESSIONS) campaigns on Facebook, this is something like Google Adwords, but with some improvements, since you can create different genres to display your campaign, whether by words, countries , language, gender, age, and many more. By this you can earn lots of money, provided they know how to get good juice. For now you can use $ 50 per day, unless you create multiple accounts. Surely finding a lot of tips and ways to earn more money through the flyers, and here in ulova-TeCh.com have all available information

RSS Feeds

Facebook has something very good that distinguishes it from other social networks, and is that you can import your RSS feeds on your blog, so you can show your friends, and all the curious people who visit your blog, you post in the post Your Blog, and the time to visit the post you will have advertising attached there to.

Sexy Picture Says A Thousand Words

You can get a sexy picture of a shaman or a shaman and put it as your profile picture (you can do on Myspace), set your status as single or, added as friends to all who can, if you want You can add up to a million people.

Try to get somewhere in your profile has a link to your blog, remember to put it in a place that is quite popular and easy to see.

Usually, Smart, and money

if you want to make money in a way a little more dirty, let’s put it another way that does not sound so ugly …. if you want to make money in a less professional but a little easier by creating your profile with a sexy photo and put your status as a bachelor, writes about how to meet people, your better half, love, and somehow looking form by means of links for people to see your profile visit and subscribe to services such as personal yahoo. The thing is to send these people to subscribe to your affiliate programs through your code and very little money and desire. You will receive much money from the men in this world, because usually they are the ones who visit these types of profiles.

Posts with links

On Facebook you can create posts and comments with links, this would already be created for your account to “spam”, is the post has words and have a topic that attracts attention, no matter what the link is to a page that does not have nothing to do with the writing. For instance you write: “The funniest Youtube Videos” and the content of your blog is a video on Youtube, or anything else with paid advertising all around, may be that not everyone who among you to click on advertising , but more than one fall.

First Day 0 Advertising …. 1 Month Advertising = $ $ $

You can also earn money in a slightly slower but is also safe.

Create a good profile, where you put content interesting and important, but above all, that is a topic that can get a large number of visits, may be on some artist videos on youtube, icon designs and backgrounds for use on Facebook or Myspace, and once you have a solid base of users and is popular, you begin to put some advertising.

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  1. Facebook has a huge active community so the more friends you have, the better exposure you can get with it. I know a lot of people who advertise and sell using Facebook and gave them increased in revenue.

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