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Dangers of Social Networking Sites on Your Job Search and How to Remedy the Situation

dangers of social networkingYou’ve just applied for multiple jobs online, or you’ve driven around town and applied to every single job that appealed to you; however, there is something that could truly hinder your success if you are not careful. It is your profile that can be found on social networking sites, such as MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster, or any out there that you can think of belonging to. Perhaps, you may wonder why this is. The following information will help you understand.

Often times, when employers are screening people for the job, a background check is included, which allows the employer to know who he is dealing with. However, many take things a step further by Googling your name to see what comes up. This is done since they want to thoroughly cover all ground, getting much more information than what will be disclosed on the background check.

Suppose you had a profile on any of the social networking sites that contained obscene content, videos, or pictures? If your name is Googled by the potential employer, it is a good possibility he will no longer be your potential employer, as seeing such things will greatly affect the image he has of you. Expressing yourself in such ways on these profiles severely detracts from the professional image you wish to convey. He may even draw the conclusion that you’ll possibly express yourself on the job the same as you do on your social networking profiles. Not to mention, any personal information you have written could be used against you, depending on the situation at hand. So, what could you do to prevent running into such problems?

For starters, never use your real name anywhere at all on your online profiles. Go by a pen name instead because if your potential employer decides to do a Google search using your name, these online profiles will not come up. If you decide to give out your real name, do it on an individual basis as you meet people and network with them. Following this sage piece of advice alone will dramatically decrease the chances of you being found, which will also decrease the risk of damaging the chance to be a candidate for the careers you wish to pursue.

Something else you can do to protect yourself is to make sure your pictures and content on your online profiles are not offensive and obscene. It would also do you well to make sure you look decent, not dirty or unkept. You’ll want to do this just in case you do happen to be found despite all efforts to keep your life on social networking sites separate from searching for your desired careers.

If you really want to be on the safe side and ensure true security while searching for careers to pursue, follow all the advice above along with setting your online profiles to private status. This way, there is nothing that could really be used against you. Your name will not be used. Your pictures and your content will be decent, and you can keep everything confidential—safe from the prying eyes of your possible boss.

It is fine to have online profiles on social networking sites. However, when searching for careers, you’ll want to exercise much caution. This way, there is nothing to worry about, and you will be sure to remain a candidate in the running.

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  1. parents should play a vital role in guiding their children

  2. Social networking sites in themselves are not dangerous infact they can help the individual in many ways it is generally seen that the danger starts when we trust too much and do not follow reasonable precautions while using such sites and place our faith in strangers who we have met online.

  3. networking sites shud be used in a healthy way. misusing it causes all the problems..banning is not the soln. parental advise for minors is a must.

  4. don’t post, don’t tweet, don’t update..rarely talk to people verbally and in person and only when necessary.

  5. I think you shouldn’t talk to random peolpe on facebook, also I think you shouldn’t give out your personal Inf. I say this because now days so many people is getting hurt and killed because they are giving out there Info.

  6. Some of the potential dangers of facebook are giving out personal information that could put you in danger and posting innapropriate pictures. Both of these concerns are valid because it could interfere with you getting a job and could harm your well being.

  7. I think that obscene things are part of everyone’s life. We have all done embarrassing things and what is embarrassing to one culture may not be for another. What I see as more dangerous for an employee is job hopping and looking as if you are always trying to find something better. Some of the best jobs in the world with the sharpest employers will not want people who undervalue themselves in this way. There is always a way to remedy this by clearing your digital footprints on the net as much as possible but is better to start off right

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