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Popular social networking websites: Facebook

One of the most popular social networking websites today is Facebook, falling into the category of the top ten most trafficked websites currently existing in the United States. Popular among young people in high school and college, Facebook continues to attract attention as its number of members continually grows. Perhaps it is the ease with which this website facilitates social communication in a safe environment or perhaps it is the fun that people have using this particular website, but whatever it is, this one is here to stay.

Facebook is composed of numerous individual social networks, all of which are based upon a particular theme such as a particular school or place of employment. Each member can sign up to join one or more networks, depending on their particular interests and contacts. Best of all, no membership fee is in place, so everyone gets to join for free no matter how many individual networks they join.

The instructions that explain the sign up process are fairly straightforward and take each new member through the process of joining a network supported by the website. A useful tutorial explains it all in an easy-to-understand presentation. New members will get caught up in no time with these facts that tell them how to browse the site and use each and every one of its amazing features.

In order to join as one of the Facebook crowd, an individual needs a current, valid email address. Along with this information, one will have to provide a name and date of birth. As with most websites, each new member will be prompted to create a personal password. Since hacking is one of the problems on the Internet today, members should learn how to create strong passwords to protect their personal webpage.

As with most websites, privacy is a huge consideration. Therefore, not just anyone can contact a member on Facebook. Communication is set up in such a way that members need to request permission to get added to someone’s list of friends. They will only be added if the member confirms their designation as a friend.

As soon as someone receives confirmation, they can begin to contact the person through their webpage and browse through his profile. Once set up in a network, each member has the opportunity to look at the profiles of other members.

Plus, the site has default security settings that members can edit if they wish to do so. These settings restrict the manner in which any of their information is shared. Members can change their settings as many times as they want.

If joining more than one network, it’s an advisable strategy to use more than one email address. For example, members can use their work email for the networking site connected with their place of employment and they can use their school email for their school email for the networking site connected with their school.

For those people who want to see what all the frenzy is about but who don’t have a school or work network to join, they can join one of the regional networks that are offered on Facebook. It’s a great way to connect with new friends and form lasting relationships.

While text messaging is the primary activity taking place on Facebook, a number of additional sharing techniques are available as well. These activities include the sharing of links, photos, and videos. Members can upload unlimited numbers of personal photos onto the website, but should exercise caution with the photos they share.

Using this website is easy and is accomplished using a variety of actions. Members can chat with friends and coworkers. They can also poke their friends. Similar to poking a friend in person with a single poke of the finger, poking a friend on Facebook simply lets friends know someone stopped by and perhaps wants a poke back. It is this type of camaraderie that makes Facebook so very popular, especially among the young. It appeals to people’s need for human contact and friendship.

Additionally, members on Facebook can search for friends and acquaintances using the handy search tool provided by the site. Searching is accomplished using the names of companies, school names, buddy lists from instant messaging services, and more. It is a fast and easy method for locating someone that you wish to connect with.

In fact, this is one place where members can write on the wall without getting into trouble. Plus, they can access social ads, view videos, and view photos placed on the site by their contacts. Around since 2004, the website continues to grow in popularity and draws thousands to it each day and night as they try to connect with friends, catching up on personal lives with a few clicks of the mouse.

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  1. Its true that Social media helps you in making new virtual friends.But keeps you away from your real friends, when you do not find time for them. It doesn’t make sense doing this..but a mere pass time.

  2. Latest news about facebook :

    A US judge has ordered a self-crowned “Spam King” to pay Facebook 711 million dollars for slipping uninvited into people’s accounts to send bogus marketing messages.

    Facebook on Friday acknowledged that Sanford Wallace is unlikely to pay the money awarded by the court but proclaimed the ruling a blow in an ongoing battle against spam at the leading online social-networking service.

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