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Social Networking Sites May Hurt Your Job Search

social media network ruin job The internet has made the job search process much easier for millions of job seekers and employers, but many people overlook a very real obstacle that can stand between job hunters and their dream job: social networking websites.

How Can Social Networking Websites Hurt Your Job Search?

Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are great tools for staying in touch with family and friends. And some job hunters have even used Facebook, MySpace or a blog to their advantage by creating an online resume page to showcase their talents and experience.

So while social networking sites can help with a job search, it’s more likely that these websites will hurt a job hunter’s chances of landing a job. All too often, internet-savvy job hunters who are trying to reel in prospective employers do the exact opposite when an employer comes across their personal Facebook profile or MySpace page.

How Do I Prevent a Social Networking Site From Having a Negative Impact on My Job Search?

To understand the danger that a Myspace page or Facebook profile can pose to your job search, one must think like the employer. Connolly offered the following tips for internet-savvy job seekers who are looking to avoid false impressions and lost job opportunities as a result of a social networking page.

Set your MySpace page to “Private.”

If your page is set to private, you maintain control over who views your page. Facebook pages are set to private by default; you must approve users as “friends” before they can view your page. But be careful what photo you post as your main profile photo on MySpace or Facebook – this photo will still be visible to the general public, including prospective employers.

Be careful what photographs you post on the web.

Whether it’s a MySpace page, a Facebook profile, a blog or a personal website, you must use caution when posting photographs on the web. Remember, a possible employer does not know you as a person. In reality, you may be very professional and responsible, but a potential employer does not know you personally, and photographs can be misleading.

A couple of goofy photographs may give off the impression that you’re immature. A photograph taken at a bar or party may get an employer thinking that you’re fond of drinking, which could lead them to believe that you’re irresponsible, unreliable or likely to skip work after a long night at the pub. This may be far from the truth, but an employer doesn’t know you, so this incorrect first impression could hurt your chances of landing the job.

Be careful who your friends are.

Your “friends” on Facebook are visible to the general public, including your future boss. If your friends have profile photos that are inappropriate, you could be found guilty by association.

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