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Social Media to Advance Your Business

social media advance business

social media advance business

Social Media websites represent the future of communication. The sooner your business or organization gets on board, the better the results will be. Gathering as many Fans (Facebook) and Followers (Twitter) as possible means you are increasing your direct advertising pool.

This is a list of the top ways to use Facebook and Twitter to your benefit.

Familiarize Yourself

Social Media sites are very complex. There are classes available in most areas which can teach you the basics. Spending time exploring on your own is going to be the best way to get a hang of all the features and how to use them correctly. Start of with creating personal profiles for yourself. You’ll be a hands-on learner, and will probably be surprised at how many old friends from your past you run into!

Never Miss a Networking Opportunity

While you are learning the basics with your personal profile, don’t miss out on opportunities with those old friends that are coming out of the woodwork–or, for that matter, any friends or family. Tell them about your business, invite them to be fans or followers, and encourage them to spread the word.

Get a Social Media Intern

In the first few years of Facebook’s existence it was exclusive to students. Now that Social Media is available to everyone, students and recent grads are still the most active users, and they have much more knowledge and experience than the generations who finished college pre-Social Media. In today’s cut-throat economy, students and recent grads are on the lookout for work experience and positive references, and will often work for a lower wage or even free. Contact your local college’s Career Services department for information on how you can post an ad for an intern.

Keep it Fun

Facebook and Twitter are leisure activities for most users. When they sign up to be a Fan or Follower of your business, they want to be entertained. When you post tweets or status updates, keep them fun and upbeat. Don’t always focus them on business. Randomness and humor will draw attention. On Facebook you can get into the nitty-gritty details on your business’s profile page, which people will visit often if you lure them in with entertaining status updates.

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