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Pros and Cons of Facebook Applications

facebook applications

facebook applications

Facebook Accessorized

Facebook is one of the most popular services for social networking on the Internet today. People who use Facebook enjoy keeping in touch with friends and family, making new social connections, and even use Facebook for business purposes. One advantage Facebook profiles have over other kinds of social network services is that they are crisp and clean, easy to navigate and easy to use. In addition to the core products offered by Facebook, an enormous amount of accessories or applications have been developed for use with Facebook profiles, but they have their good and bad points.

Pros to Apps

One positive aspect of Facebook applications is the sheer number of choices for Facebook users. Games, calendars, bookshelves, quizzes, horoscopes, fantasy sports, stocks, promotions, cards, music and movies–you name it and there’s a Facebook application for it. This diversity allows Facebook users to create a space that expresses their unique personality, making an environment that is all their own.

Another good point to Facebook applications is the entertainment value for visitors. Although Facebook profiles are easy to navigate, there is a certain Spartan feel to them that applications can help alleviate, engaging visitors and motivating them to return even more frequently. Applications can also give Facebook users common ground and interests, giving their relationship an added dimension.

Cons to Apps

Like many other Internet software designs, Facebook applications have potential privacy issues. When a user signs up for an application, they are in essence allowing the developer access to all of their information and their friends’ information. Facebook has regulations concerning storing user information, but there are always people who don’t follow the rules, and the information has the potential for malicious use. Facebook does have a verification system for a variety of applications, which can give users some sense of security.

Another negative aspect to Facebook applications is their potential to clog up the works. Every time a user publicizes a new application, it goes out in the News Feed to all friends. There are users who change applications like they change clothes, and this can clutter up feeds and annoy recipients. Also, there’s the potential to overdo applications on a profile–some users load their profiles with massive numbers of applications, which can be unattractive and off-putting for visitors.

Everything in Moderation

The old adage that less is more can be applied to many things, including Facebook applications. With careful discretion and prudent choices, a Facebook user will find that applications can enhance their profile and a visitor’s experience. Facebook applications can be a great way to express oneself, if users keep in mind that moderation is everything.

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  1. i would rather delete my facebook account if I were so concerned about this matter. and live in peace.

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