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How to Use Social Media Sites to Grow Your Business

How to Use Social Media Sites to Grow Your Business

How to Use Social Media Sites to Grow Your Business

Facebook. LinkedIn. MySpace. YouTube. All of these social media sites have one thing in common: They connect people. Some companies have banned Facebook as a ‘waste of time,’ but you can jump ahead of your competition if you view social media sites as tools. Benefit from the connections you establish online not just in your personal life, but also as a professional.

Your company should first look to LinkedIn, a social media site for professionals. Use LinkedIn to network with others in your field. Make sure to build your network – you can use your contacts to gain introduction to prominent figures that may prove important to the development or advertisement of your organization. Don’t forget that LinkedIn can help you grow your company: The site allows you to use your online popularity to connect with potential new hires. Through LinkedIn, employers can both list jobs and search for attractive candidates. LinkedIn makes the saying true: It’s all about who you know.

Next consider a page on Yelp. Yelp allows visitors to search, rate, and review local businesses and organizations. Have employees and trusted contacts review and rate your organization. Word will spread through the online community. Your business or organization will attract new visitors or supporters, who will in turn review and rate your establishment. Build the reputation of your organization and advertise to a diverse community of Yelpers with a five-star rating and glowing reviews.

Don’t forget to utilize Facebook. The new platform for the site includes the options to become a fan of various Pages and to support different Causes. Whether you run a not-for-profit or an incorporated company, you can use these new Facebook tools to advertise. Create and update a Page for your organization and invite others to become fans; or create a Cause to promote advocacy. No matter how you choose to network on Facebook, you are sure to connect with many young adults.

If your business or organization caters to a younger crowd, connect with your demographic with a MySpace page. Update your profile, respond to friend requests, and post important information about your organization often.

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  1. Determine where and how you’ll obtain financing.

  2. In this world of Google searches, Twitter convesations and Facebook friends where do you stand?

    Is your business online and is it getting the attention it deserves by ranking high in the search engines?

    Are your customers able to find your website when they’re looking for your products and or services online?

    Do you have a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn account that is bringing in new prospects, leads and sales every month?

  3. This was packed full of info I needed on strategies for my business, thanks!!

  4. Thanks a lot. This post is very educative. It teaches one how to maximize social media sites, how to choose the appropriate networking site for ones business. Good work

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