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Social Networking Etiquette

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While the benefits of using social networking for business are being realized, there are still some concerns about whether social networking decreases or increases employee productivity. As long as there are some rules agreed upon from the start and users practice online etiquette, social networking can easily increase employee effectiveness.

Rules of Social Networking

Social networking has typically been thought of as no rules apply, no holds barred type of socializing. Networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace have opened the doors to inappropriate postings by many, including business professionals.

The more reserved business sites such as LinkedIn and Ryze tend to be less personal and more professional. Regardless of the social site used, to be a viable, usable, effective business tool, usage rules have to be implemented.

Rules will vary according to the type of social networking being used and per type of company. A few universal rules to consider include:

  • The number of friends.
  • Only accept friends that relate to business or who are also professionals.
  • Socialize on the site several times a week versus hourly or daily. When comment threads are started and an online conversation is taking place, tracking it hourly or throughout the day may be appropriate. Posting just to post is the biggest time waster.
  • Try to respond to comments and posts as quickly as possible without breaking the rule above.


Rules should also be set for the types of graphics and photos that company users can post. For business use, keep the photos professional. Family photos are acceptable as long as they are kept at a minimal amount if any at all. Conference photos, training photos, special event photos, community photos, or volunteer activity photos are much more acceptable.

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  1. Using a fake name as your Facebook name.

    Tagging individuals in unflattering pictures …

    There are many social networking services available and for someone new to the social media scene it can be daunting.

  2. Someone put up a picture of me doing something I really don’t want out there! What do I do?

  3. Poke with moderation and caution

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