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Increasing Your Twitter Followers to Increase Your Pocket Book

Gte more twitter followers

Get more twitter followers

With any business venture, your income increases directly with the number of clients you have or product you sell. The same is true if you’re using Twitter to sell affiliate programs. To make this system work on Twitter, then you must increase your following, and thus your market pool, constantly.  This is most easily accomplished through the use of an automated program that will gather followers on Twitter for you. The idea is that the program is doing the work for you through Twitter, and you can be virtually hands free and still make money.  These types of automatic programs follow other Twitter users who have already shown interest in increasing their own followers or adding some cash to their pockets. This program will then send one of a few pre-determined Tweets to these people. These messages should be none threatening and definitely not a sales pitch. Just a Tweet that says you were referred to them and would like to become a follower and be followed in return. Once they are following you, they will see your affiliate links and the rest is history.

So you have increased you followers on Twitter but how is this going to make you money?  Well, by sending personal messages, your followers will be flattered by your attention and more willing to see what your automated program is like.  There is nothing like a message that seems personal to persuade people on Twitter to look at your affiliate link and most of these people will sign up to be affiliates themselves, under you. This will make you money, but you won’t have to be monitoring Tweets or sending them on a one at a time program.

One way that this wonderful Twitter based program can go wrong is if the people you approach see you as spam. We all have inboxes full of spam and we won’t give the time of day to spam even if it is sent through Twitter. Be sure the automatic messages that you are sending are set to send no more than twenty at a time or they may end up filtered as spam.  Another powerful Twitter marketing message you can add to your repertoire is an automatic message that is sent every time you make money using your system on Twitter. If your followers get a message that you just made $15 dollars, then they are going to want to know how you did it. From there you get more affiliates through Twitter. If your followers are receiving several of these messages a day, they are not going to be able to help themselves from looking in to your links.

Use the tools available to you and be creative! Twitter can be an excellent source of income if you know the tools to use.

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  1. Very informative, thank you!

  2. yeah… I broke down and got a twitter account. who knows if I’ll actually use it though?

  3. I wish my huns would have twitter account.

  4. Twitter and Youtube Will EXPLODE your SALES!!

  5. Twitter Helped Me Sell My Company

  6. You already know that Twitter is exploding, but do you know how to turn Twitter into a traffic and cash machine?

  7. Twitter and Youtube Will EXPLODE your SALES!!

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