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Twittering Your Bank Account

As with any phenomenon that the masses embrace as quickly as Twitter, we all knew it was inevitable that businesses would sit up and take notice. As soon as one company embraced the world of Twittering, all other companies had to follow suit, or be left behind. Twitter may seem like nothing more than a gossip site but believe it or not, it can be a significant tool to grow your business and make some money. Twitter is where e-mail was 10 years ago. It is a strong and viable business commodity, but Twitter followers (like those that have e-mail) are now bombarded with Twitter spammers trying to sell a get rich quick scheme or product. So how do you use Twitter to make money without becoming nothing but another spam?

Follow me in twitter @chaabant

Follow me in twitter @chaabant

Twitter was founded on the basic question “what are you doing right now?” Remember this when tweeting to your followers. If you are a service business, Twitter something about the product you just completed. This is a way for followers to know what kind of things your business does without being in their face. Not every Tweet that you post should be this obvious; be sure and throw in useful information and tidbits that don’t directly point to a sale. The bottom line is, your followers have you and your business at the forefront in their minds. Since Twitter posts are generally short; let this be a way to get people to visit your blog. Tweet when you’ve posted something new to your blog.

Don’t forget the power of an affiliate program. By linking to these programs as an affiliate and Tweeting the link, people have access to a free trial of certain products or services, and if they decide to purchase, then you get some kick back money. It’s good for you and your affiliate. This is a common money making use of Twitter and many people are very successful with it. As long as we’re talking about affiliating, don’t forget to use Twitter to connect and network with others in your niche. You’ll learn a lot about trends and new products or marketing techniques from others in your line of business. Cultivate these Twitter relationships and you’ll be surprised what you glean.

If you’re in business then I’m sure you understand that the best sales will come from having products and services that the masses want. Twitter can help you keep track of what’s hot and what other people in your niche are selling or offering. Twitter can also help you keep track of what your followers (and the world in general) wants and expects from companies like yours. You can use twitter to keep track of new products as they are launched.

Be creative and Twitter can be an invaluable asset to your business. Networking, affiliating and marketing are all possible with 140 characters or less with Twitter.

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  1. Ok it’s time to get recommitted to twitter

  2. I said it before and I will say it again, the spam on Twitter is out of control!

  3. Why oh Why am I not regularly using Twitter! Having a real tough time at the moment – its never ending. Seems to be more downs than ups!

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