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Rags to Riches with Twitter

Rags to Riche

Rags to Riche

Who could have thought that a micro blogging platform would enable people to make big buck across the world? Twitter is a hit micro blogging interface that allows people to share their current business activity with the social circle. You can share condensed information in 140 characters. Twitter has emerged as a platform where you can showcase your services to a bunch of audience.

Twitter has emerged as an effective viral marketing platform through its simple information seeking question – What are you doing? As a marketer you can publish information in your profile – Launched a new product or published an e-book and attract people who might be interested in your product and services. Soon you would notice that your followers are increasing. You can market and sell your products to them. Strike a conversation through an update in Twitter. And start making money in no time.

You can also create some space for the online Twitter channel at some other sites and link it directly to your pages. You would be able to make money as long as you follow the basic rules of business online. You can devise your own ways to find the methods which would suit Twitter.

If you sport a blog or website you can link your website content to your twitter account. Any new update will automatically be entered as a tweet in your account. There are numerous plug-ins available to accomplish this for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other popular platforms.

Tips – Earning Through Twitter:

  • Market one product or service per account, it helps maintain focus. If you start to market a gamut of products and services under one account people can get confused and you would end up being at loss.
  • Always be 100% sure of your product, don’t be a generalist.
  • Don’t be too inclined in making money on twitter. Make sure that your tweets are meaningful and not spammy. People can unfollow you in no time.
  • Being selective is the mantra for getting successful. Choose not to follow anyone. Follow those who share similar interest as yours. This creates a more meaningful follower base to whom you can market your product and services.
  • Show tangible benefits to your followers. People are interested in cash and non-cash benefits. Depending upon your site niche you can offer freebies like mugs and cash prizes to woo your potential customers.
  • Don’t flood your account with many updates at a time, be slow and steady
  • Be smart and use a plug-in to automate updates

So how much would you end up earning with Twitter daily? Well there is no clear answer. A lot would depend on the way you market your products to the audience. If you can offer something that offers value =, you can make hundreds to thousand dollars daily.

Twitter can offer you a great platform to proliferate your products and services. Use it wisely and build a loyal follower base. Be patient while you are new to it. Slowly you can start realizing the benefits through earning. Good luck then, happy tweeting!

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