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10 Tips for Twitter Users


Twitter has been around for quite some time now. And its popularity has been instrumental. The cute bird logo and the simple platform to share tweets with friends, colleagues and family have made it an effective social network.

Twitter being a microblogging platform is well suited for today’s faced paced life where people around the world complain of lack of time to blog or share information with their social circle.

The number of users who are switching to Twitter is on rise. People are moving from the conventional blogging or social networks like Facebook and MySpace to Twitter’s tweets. However, it is not only about sharing information with your friends. Twitter has a lot more to offer. Following are ten tips to extract best out of Twitter:

1. Keep it short and simple when it comes to tweets. It is a microblogging platform and condensed to 140 characters per tweet.

2. Viral marketing through Twitter is an excellent idea if you are trying to offer products and services to woo your followers. However, ensure that your tweets are not spammy. To unfollow you is just a click away for your followers. Therefore tweet often and tweet only quality.

3. Follow people strategically. Just don’t follow anyone to everyone. Especially when you are planning to explore the marketing possibilities through Twitter. Therefore establish a base of followers or start following others if they have share similar interests as yours.

4. Twitter is not all about making money. It is an effective social media network that enables you to connect to people around the globe in no time.

5. Do not post spam through your tweets. It is a big turn off for others.

6. You can use tools like Tweet Later and others to manage your tweets when you are on the move. Through these you can save your tweets and set them accordingly to publish the tweet in future.

7. Retweet to the tweets of your friends and followers. This helps in building rapport amongst them. They would only be interested in you if you are interested in their deeds.

8. Don’t post too much. Concentrate on posting some quality content if you are trying to derive business benefits from Twitter.

9. Make a complete profile. Make sure to include ‘One line Bio’ and other details like interests and hobbies.

10. Always follow an influential and innovative people. You can grow with them.

Twitter is just a social networking tool. If you are looking to explore business benefits through viral marketing or general marketing of your products and services, you have to spend more time on twitter.

The time you need to spend would majorly involve in identifying a quality set of followers or people whom you can follow. Be patient as a newbie. Start to discover the features twitter can offer. It is important for you to understand how to leverage the reach of Twitter and use it accordingly to drive your business needs. So discover the business possibilities through Twitter!

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  1. Great articles! Please post how to article, an article on how to customize twitter profiles, use @ # RT…

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