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Audience and Benefits of Twitter



Twitter is not meant for a specific group of people. It is a social application that is meant for everyone. Anyone can explore its benefits and make new friends online in no time. For example: A housewife can display and share tweets about the delicacy she discovered, with her followers. Similarly, a college bee can share her latest prom night experience. So Twitter is a one stop shop for all your online social needs.


  • It is a simple and user friendly social media application
  • You can decide whom to follow and whom to not
  • The best social network available on date to make friends very quickly
  • Tweets are short so you can post easily from your hand held instrument

Unlike Facebook and MySpace, Twitter is an uncomplicated social media tool. So Tweet often and share your thoughts with the world around you. Make food friends and discover their interests.

Start to network with people who share similar interests. You can discover business networking possibilities through Tweets. Follow strategically and befriend with those who share similar interests.

Don’t be in a hurry, learn and discover Twitter gradually. It’s a remarkable social media application that can take you miles further.

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