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If you own a couple of sites and work on them by yourself, you will know how difficult it is.

Waking up to post new contents to 3 or 4 blogs is hard work. Well, it is… if you write good quality contents. Google likes sites that are updated often. Three or more updates a week and it is all good. However, remember: the more the contents… the better the result…. Well, I should make that : the more ‘unique’ contents… the better the result is!

If you copy contents.. you would get penalized by Google. And trust me, it is easy for them to find out.

Managing multiple sites by yourself can be hard, and so- in reality- if you are not earning much from 2 of your 3 websites, and 1 is taking in the cash…. then work on that site and leave the others to rot. Trust me, it is better to focus all your effort on one site rather than multiple sites as you can produce much better quality posts… etc. You also aren’t switching between the topics so you can focus easier.

However if you are earning similar amounts with each of them or simply don’t want to give them up, then consider outsourcing some of the work. Big forums such as Digital Point exceed at this with many people willing to post in forums or write articles for you. This should only be considered if you are earning with your blog or being certain that you will earn much with it. Otherwise, you would have lost money. And if you get into the habit of it, it can become addictive!

If you find that it is too much…. then you could try writing 3 posts per day for one of your blogs( if it is on wordpress) and set it to post daily. Then, the next day, do that with the second of your three blogs… and then the third of your blogs…. etc.

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  1. Managing several websites is indeed difficult, thanks for the tips on outsourcing content…

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