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Twitter vs Facebook vs MySpace

All of the 3 social networks are different, yet similar. Twitter is simple and easy to use with no flashing ads or any ads at all! It implies a simple question….and yet the answer is so diverse! You could be mowing the lawn or fixing your website! I love the fact that there are no ads…..thus this one is the most important for me!.

Facebook is like the complicated version of twitter for me. It has many extra features that I believe to be pointless yet they can be fun. You can become fans of certain groups such as Coke and Pepsi. You can also join groups or clubs such as a group that was recently started called the battle of the sexes where the first group-boys or girls are to get to 5 million members. It exploded in popularity almost instantly which is the power of facebook! It also has very few ads that fit in well. They don’t flash like crazy in a desperate big to get your attention .I like its features, but it can be a bit too complicated. So it is second out of third.

Myspace is the last; for a good reason. I hate the fact it allows its members to edit the CSS as you end up with loads of accounts that all have these flashing ads, glitter text and all that stuff dumped onto a page. You also get a lot of members who put their (bad spelling) writing in black onto a very dark wallpaper. You can’t even read it properly and that is what really bugs me. The Ads are in every corner on the sad people’s profiles that look cheap and tacky. MySpace lands where it belongs. Despite of that being third; I personally hate it for the reasons given above.

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  1. Twitter sits in a different space than MySpace or Facebook.

    Twitter is more of a chronology of events

  2. Ultimately, I think Facebook wins. They are a college student based empire and is a more “mature” tool to get on than Myspace as seen from a college student.

  3. myspace is too messy and i haven’t used twitter that much yet…so far, i think it’s pretty stupid.

  4. i dont feel like gettng on twitter unless i had a blackberry to keep “twittering”.

  5. facebook … though that is super boring for me , its turned into quizbook now

  6. Twitter all the way. I love the fact that twitter has trending topics and it’s just awesome. I’m on everyday. I love it <3

  7. I don’t know what the big fuzz about facebook is… nothing else that a database and a spammer’s dream tool.
    Twitter? who cares !!! that is really stupid….
    I guess is all Hollywood at work, we use anything mentioned on any movie.

  8. twitter is awesome and i love it!
    facebook is awesome to and just as good as twitter!

    myspace is complete $%^# that lets you put your own background to your profile and has chatrooms and worse of all they let people have an email for it … i frigging hate it!

  9. by @drizzle772 :

    Myspace is for uninteresting teens who are only about ‘image’ and really have nothing else going for them other than a flashy profile full of mirror pics. oh and a shit load of wanna-be rappers.

    Facebook is like Myspace but without the flashy profile. still has annoying music and games and ads all over it. It may be for a more ‘mature’ crowd. But sometimes to the point where every ones parents, aunts, uncles, and even grandparents are using it, which in return drives all of the younger people away due to the fact that they cannot be themselves and have to keep everything low key. Resulting in no fun. No fun equals, no use.

    Twitter is for the people who are everything but flashy profiles and stupid games. People that actually have something to say and can hold a conversation. And for anyone who thinks twitter is about ‘What you are doing’ is wrong. No one that actually uses Twitter answers this question. Ever. No one ever tweets ‘taking a shower’. And those that do, get blocked pretty fast. If your tweets are boring and stupid, no one is going to bother with you. Because of the fact that it doesn’t rely on the ‘Image’ value, it’s all about who the person REALLY is. No fancy profile and fake pictures to make you appear as someone you really aren’t. You have to be able to talk to use Twitter. That’s the key element of it. So therefor fake and boring people are easily spotted and eliminated. It’s more like texting for the entire world.


    b4 i start i personally dnt think any of them are lesser than the other, it jus what your into..like a fetish lol..

    wow mr. duke was riled up lol
    the facebook statement i can agree with
    the attack on the myspacerz may hav been a little harsh tho
    so ridin twitters happy shaft was predictable lol

    actually since twitter co-ops with both myspace and facebook…it shouldnt even be in this vs. batlle
    which jus leaves facebook and myspace…BUT…i’ll giv it a couple more sentences so it wont feel left out lol
    and that was it…there u go lol to me it jus lets u converste with a group of people out loud with out actually getting to kno them, jus getting to know how they feel on the posted topic.. so thats all twitters gettin

    true fact: facebook prolly isnt bad but i couldnt speak on it because i dont have 1, because my my mom and others have it, so it would rip all true freedom from me. lol
    aww let me giv face book this sentence to fill it a lil bit lol

    dnt dump on myspace though, its only what you make it, you cant get mad if people dont giv you convo especially if your the one that adds them, also all 3 of them pretty much involve around your image since u post pics, and on twitter(like myspace) you can customize backgrounds, u-stream nd videos, so dnt give me tht bull,
    nd as far as fully edited profiles go, while i agree tht sum can look trashy, but alot are actually well-designed nd actually make you wanna read it all they hav ta say, but its not like u HAVE ta read the profile, grow sum balls and talk to them, as for the bad spelling, NOBODY CARES lmao(as long as its quicker to type and you understand it, nd if u dnt your dum, its jus lik txtin), and if you do care your jus and old fart lol or a young one, either way lol
    and the wanna be rappers part was kinda irrelavant since its not like your forced to listen to them
    thts 1 reason i actually favor myspace, i can listen to sooo much music, a new song evryday of any genre, famous or not, it doesnt matter, radio music suks anyway lol and i tend favor underground music more

    so let me sum my seemingly endless ramblin up..
    since i dnt have facebook i cudnt speak on it 2much, but frm what i know, it is for older folk, and its more based around stayin in-touch with people u already kno, eliminating distance frm keepin in touch
    myspace is like your gateway to world media and pop-culture, and whats “now” i suppose lol
    but its focus isnt on you nd your friends, but you your friends, other people you know, they know, and people you dont know, so its good way ta meet new people, business venture nd wut not
    twitter even tho i exclude it earlier, is for people who prolly instead of goin out on a night of wild, fun, debauchery, where u never kno what to expect, meetin new people and partyn, theyd rather meet up nd have discussions on topics, like books, gov’t, cnn, why they wanna end there lives, nd other blood-pumpin topics im sure :P (take tht jab, tht 1s for the spacerz lol)

    nd 1 more thing directly shot at mr. duke nd people who think like him (whether he ever sees this or not), how can postin and intresting topic, decide if your fake or not? plz elaborate lol and y cant a “tweeter” hav fake pics? y cant a tweeter be a poser nd post topics or questions they kno nothing about and seek answers frm people tht do?
    and think about this…a lotta people on twitter had myspace 1st nd prolly still do, so wudnt u still be talkin to the same borin uninterestin people??, nd even if u or sum other poon has sum silly comebck to tht, like i said in the begining these websites are only what you make it, nd it sounds like u previously had a myspace the way u dump on it so much nd im guessing you had bad experiences, it was prolly becuz U were boring nd unintresting nd were too scared to tlk to any1 new for fear of rejection frm sum1 u dnt kno and doesnt kno u, its not jus twitter mr dukee, bein able ta tlk applies to all 3, dumba**, like really! theres no way u couldv thought you were gettin sumwhere with tht remark lol “THE KEY ELEMENT blah blah”
    all 3 were designed for communicatin..one could only assume u wud hav ta be able ta tlk for all of em lol

    “doesnt rely on image value blah blah”.. u sound like a former myspacer who was ugly and got mad cuz girls wudnt tlk to u lol
    if u were seriously talkin about its for teens wit only images goin for em, y dont u stop bein a pedophile nd tlk to people you own age, nd if u are a im asuming you arent too confident wit your image….but tht shudnt even hav anything to do with y myspace suks…it suks cuz there i.m. is an epic fail, other than tht I personally enjoy the use of it evry time im on, i meet new people, nd tlk to my old peoples… so whats so uninteresting?


  11. My question is not what they are, but more why they are there at all. All three seem to be for people who are extremely bored with their lives and have nothing else to do when Big Brother is not showing.

  12. All I’ve got to say is if you want to put up pictures and have your own website, get a website. If you want to text everyone, use a cell phone. If you want to communicate with someone, either call them or e-mail them. Otherwise, get your lazy butt off that computer chair and go meet people the old-fashioned way!!!

  13. facebook is the best
    twitter and my space are borring and don’t have applications thats in facebook are..

  14. ???
    First of all, twitter is pointless and boring. Unless you are a mega celebrity, not fun, not cool.

    Secondly, Myspace is actually quite personalisable, unlike Facebook and twitter with one boring color. yes, they need to fix a few things though.

    And finally….. Facebook. Well, its a bit like twitter, and a bit like myspace, so lets just put it third. But srsly, why waste your time on social networking sites when u can actually go out and meet people? (unless of course, it is impossible to.)


  15. I do not normally respond to forums. etc. because I think it is a waste of time, and I am no expert, but I can’t resist saying this, the irony of these posts OMG, and so… to the last couple of posters, that say that your life must be boring or go our and meet people, etc., I find that comical based on the fact that you are sitting here using your time to respond to a question about these 3 social networking sites that you supposedly have no interest in, but peaked your interest enough to post about. Or is that your hobby, instead of social networking sites, you find internet pages where you can submit a comment and give your opinion, which you think someone actually cares about. Pftt… when people look up a topic, such as this, like I just did, we want people who are here to comment on the facts, opinions are ok if they are opinions about the actual subject, not opinions that veer away from the subject, like go out and meet people, your life must be boring, because you are just wasting the time of people who want real answers. If you feel that way, there is no need to comment here, that is not what people are coming here to find and who made you a personal advisor anyway? Give us all a break and go tell your bull to someone who cares, people come here looking for answers, not advice on how they could better spend their time. UGHHH! Go away!

  16. i used to use orkut frequently but nowadays prefer facebook. facebook is more freaky type.

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