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The importance of Web Analytics

Web Analytics are important as they are crucial in determining a website’s or webpage’s popularity.

Gone are the days of those cheap and tacky hit counts had to be added to each page. Now you just paste a line of html that doesn’t show up as anything on your site and you get
comprehensive statistics every day of every year!

Nowadays, before buying any ads on your site,advertisers will demand to see one thing which is traffic stats. If you don’t have traffic stats, say goodbye to all of your earnings from those advertisers.

Also they can be a great motivation for you to keep on blogging or updating your website. If you see your traffic, keep on growing in Google’s Analytics Dashboard.

Tracking your site is a necessity nowadays. You want to know the facts, as they help you guess how much you should be making with Adsense or other Ad Networks. Also you can figure out how much bandwidth you will need. If your site is getting 100 extra visitors a day, then you can figure out how much bandwidth you will need; by calculating how large a
web page is and then timing it by the number of page views.

Then timing the amount your site is increasing in its daily visitors by the file size of a page and you have the bandwidth needed for the following day.

To run a site without knowing how many visitors are visiting it is silly. You need that info…. And with these new solutions, it is so easy to add that code to track your popularity that not doing is simply stupid!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and please give me your thoughts on your favorite tracking system below in the comments box!

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