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Pro’s and Con’s of a CMS

CMS or content management systems are significantly good if you want an all in all site that has a blog, a forum and a downloads section. They often come pre setup with this sort of things and can be significantly easy to get going. They often require a MySQL database. But nowadays; that is no problem, since most hosts come with MySQL, such as Hostgator; the host we reviewed (along with a few others) recently on this blog.

They are good for the points listed above; being super easy to get running and often coming with everything you want in a site. Also cPanel has some of the most well known ones on their auto installer; which takes out the task of downloading and uploading the script.
However they often have some negatives, such as the fact that customising them is very hard. I tried to add some simple ad codes for a referral system in PHP Fusion, one of the most well known CMS’s and it took over a hour to get it fully working. So good if you don’t want to edit it at all. But if you do, then expect to spend a good couple of hours modifying it and customising it.

They often are slow as they use MySQL and PHP which takes longer than standard .html files, because they have to communicate between multiple files etc.

All in all, I think that if you want a site up and running fast, having all the features you need; then go with a content management system. But if you want to edit it quickly and effectively, then don’t use a content management system. Instead, use something else like wordpress. We will be covering wordpress next time on this blog.

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