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Penguins Champion of the 2009 Stanley cup !

Just wanted to congratulate the Penguins for the 2009 STANLEY CUP , GREAT Match & Revenge against Detroit Red Wings

Sydney Crosby 2009 stanley cup

Sydney Crosby 2009 stanley cup

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  1. leury was the difference for the Pens and Malkin was no where in this series. No goalie no win, i guess i admire what Fleury had to deal with in the last 5 minutes almost gave me a glimmer of hope for OT…It would have been fitting to end the series

  2. One of the sweetest parts of this evening were the boos that Bettmann received whenever he tried to speak. That arena was full of knowledgeable hockey fans and they recognise a _____(pick your word) when they see one.

    I’m not a betting man but I bet on no more Bettmenn within 12 months. If he achieves nothing else, Balsillie will have at least succeeded in this.

  3. The commish HAD to plug the story about how the Pens were “saved” by Mario and eventually won the Cup. Was he talking to the bankruptcy judge during the Cup ceremony? Idiot. Loved how the crowed drowned him out with Boooos!

  4. The bottom line: The Wings are the better team, but the Pens played better and with more heart…

    Congrats Pens fans!

  5. Congratulations to the Pens. It feels like its been forever since an Eastern Conference team has hoisted the Cup.

    I was really hoping to see OT for maximum entertainment value.

    I feel bad for Crosby, having to watch half of the game from the bench. I’m sure he would have loved to be on the ice as the clock was winding down.

  6. It was hilarious to see the bitter detroit fans booing… glad to know that not only did their garbage city lose the stanley cup, but that the industry that fuels it has been destroyed. Good Riddance to a loser city that will fade away into ruin.

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