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In this article we will discuss whether the jQuery JavaScript library is good or not and discuss the reasons.

First of all, jQuery is very fast and its file size is low compared to standard JavaScript libraries .

You want your web pages to be fast; as that helps your visitors. Visitors hate waiting for pages to load. Also, researches show that if your page takes longer than 5 seconds to load, then you can lose a lot of visitors. Why increase the load time with a bad JavaScript Library.

Also jQuery is quite well documented at some sites being the best at its home page; jQuery.com. Trying to learn how to code something without good support is very hard. And if there is not a good site filled with documentation, you will end up asking lots of people on forums for help.

jQuery is also quite concise, which means you don’t have to write as much code to get the same result you would have got if you used a different JavaScript library. Writing lots of codes is boring and tedious. You don’t want to be writing more codes than you need to.

JQuery is quite small as compared to other popular JavaScript libraries. It is just 15K when compressed, yet most other libraries can be 80k+(for example the Dojo library). Size is important when it comes to web pages, as you don’t want to use more bandwidth. And also your visitors will have to wait longer for your site to load.

jQuery also copes a lot better with large codes than most other libraries and scales…. Well, which is important! You don’t want to have to indent each line of code as that would cause you to scroll sideways a lot!

Hopefully you now know the benefits of jQuery and may consider using it. To download it, go to jQuery.com and it will be there on the homepage.

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