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Best WordPress Plugins

This time on some of the plugins I think are the bee’s knees when it comes to it.

1. All in One SEO Pack: I see that this one is the best; as you can spend hours on making your blog look great. Yet, it is pointless if you have no visitors. You can choose the titles for the posts, meta date and a description of your blog that appears in Google and other search engines. However, this does not replace trading or buying links; which boosts your Page Rank.

2. Askimet-Spam: It is becoming a greater problem for blogs; especially the bigger blogs. And so, Askimet is essential in keeping your blog safe from all the casino and other bad site links that are often spammed. Askimet has never had a false positive for me and also has prevented all the spam I have received. It hasn’t had a false negative in simple terms either.

3. WP-Post Ratings: I used this while making my arcade site that was powered by wordpress; and it was perfect. You can allow your readers to rate your posts and see what users like and dislike. A simple way to see what contents are the most liked by your readers!

4. Adsense Delux: This is a perfect plugin if you have an adsense account. This allows you to insert ads INTO your posts instead of the traditional way involving editing template files and only having ads either above or below your posts or sidebars.

5. WP Super Cache This is ideal if you want to increase the speed at which your wordpress blog loads. You can make it at least 50% faster with this handy plugin. It makes .html versions of your post with increasing the speed. The only trade off is that updates happen only when the plugin’s cache is deleted; either manually or once very hour.

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  1. Good post and nice collection of plugins. I think the Platinum SEO plugin works a little better than the ALL-In-One..but other than that, good collection. :0)

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