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Digital Technology International

Digital Technology International also called DTI is the company where I started working recently. It’s origin is in the United Stated (UTAH) and they have an office here in Montreal .

Digital Technology International (DTI) has a 28-year history of technical innovation and business success in the news publishing industry. Today, the company provides integrated solutions for every aspect of digital and print publishing, and has its software successfully implemented at more than 2,000 customer sites around the world.

Digital Technology International

Digital Technology International

Digital Technology International is a partner with Adobe Systems, InterSystems, Progress Software, and Internap -companies .

Adobe : Well known .. I’m sure you heard about one of those (Photoshop , InDesign , InCopy , Coldfusion , Audition , Dreamweaver , Flash , etc..)

InterSystems : With the famous quote :

Work with InterSystems. Not Separate Systems.

They own the following Products : (Caché, Ensemble, DeepSee, HealthShare, TrakCare) .

They are also who made the CSP (Caché Server Pages) and it’s the programming language I had to learn in able to use the DTI Platform.

Progress Software is a worldwide leader in application software for the development of business applications.

Internap provides the networks, data centers, servers and storage to run the most demanding Internet applications and Websites. It also provides the tools that news media companies need to change the way they do business.

This is my first real full time job (at 27!) Yeah … Most of the previous time i was a freelancer or a soldier in the army or a full time student .

Working at Digital Technology International has been a great experience till now; I learned in 3-4 months much more than what I learned in my M.SC in E-commerce .

The cool thing is that I don’t have a specific task. I am in charge of everything related to the web from Marketing to Programming , Design, Web analytics , etc… So it’s kind of a “Good Learning” environment.

Another great option that we have is to work from home; even if DTI is only 8 minutes far from my home. This is kind of a perfect job to be able to work from home with flexible hours.

Last but not least, our team (Lightning Business Unit) is composed of 4 amazing people :

Lightning CMS : It’s the CMS (Content management System) DTI developed. Newspapers like “The Register Guard” , “The Telegraph” , “The Sun”, etc… use Lightning to publish their stories .

  • Gordon Short (LBU Director & my manager)
  • Tony Hake (Interactive Media Consultant)
  • John Hawk (Software Engineer)
  • Jonathan Paquin-Lafleur (Software Engineer)

My Clean Desk

ME AT Digital technology International

ME AT Digital technology International

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