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Twitter: Why everyone is joining

Twitter: Why everyone is joining

If you haven’t heard about twitter then you have been living in a cave for the last 2 or 3 years! Nowadays everyone has a twitter account. Radio presenters have twitter. TV presenters have it. And most likely your friends or family have it too.

So what is twitter? Twitter is a service that allows you to post what you are doing in 140 characters or less. It sounds silly but it allows you to tell your family or friends that you are having pizza for tea. Would you send an email or write a blog post about having pizza for tea? I doubt it. Unless it was the most awesome pizza in the world!

But twitter is meant for that sort of thing and so you may now be tempted to set up your very own twitter account. It is good except for the fact that many people now have these auto followers so they get loads of followers.

So you should now realise that twitter can be a lot of fun and so that is why everyone is joining. Another great thing about twitter is the fact it doesn’t have any ads on the website (till now… i doubt it will stay like that).

I don’t know how it manages to stay up but it does and that is good .

When signing up you can import all your contacts from your Google Mail or similar account to find out if any of your friends have twitter. Twitter isn’t fun however if you don’t follow anyone and if nobody follows you. Don’t ask people to follow you without following them back as that is rude and annoying.

Finally consider making your avatar either a picture of your face or make something up in GIMP as otherwise your profile looks plain ugly.

So in simple terms this article is hopefully to convince you to join twitter and follow me ! !

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  1. I always had a FB account that I have always used to the fullest, here in SA FB is much more popular than Twitter. As a result I didn’t join Twitter knowing that none of the people I knew personally would be using it. But almost a week back I decided I should open up a account for me to see what the fuss is about.

    Like I heard Twitter was more popular than FB and when browsing the web a lot more people has a ‘follow me on Twitter’ banner than the ‘find me/us on Facebook’ on their site or blog. What also interested me was the fact that Twitter had a lot of applications that you could use outside of Twitter- like widgets that you could add to your blog/website.

    Like I said I got my Twitter account and got like 20 followers in a minute- wow, and made my first tweet- and after using it for a week- what is the big fuss about?! The options you have on twitter is minimal, you can make a tweet but that is about it- then there is the apps from Twitter but those a only for promoting your twitter account…

    What account?! Twitter does really have a lack of options [for me] and I will keep on using it to see if it gets better- [When I first started using Facebook I thought it was much to open for the web- giving away your identity through your cell number, full name, Photos and much much more. I thought FB was stupid- used to the power you have over your lets say blogging account at Blogger.

    But after using FB for a month I actually got addicted and now I am a FB'er at heart- because I gave it time, I will still see if Twitter, a service that allows you to do almost nothing like upload photos and tag them, take quizzes and much much more- I like the power to make the service a bit more personal and for it to be an open platform for other services and creations, I will still see by a miracle, If Twitter will appeal to me in the future]

    And for MySpace- A service for old people… As for blogging- the best of them all- except for, like you said, you cant give random brockets of info like you would on Twitter or FB on your blog, YET.

    All is still my opinion…

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