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Social Networking vs Newspaper

Social Networking vs Newspaper

Nowadays with the internet available in almost everyone’s home, more and more people are using social networks to keep in touch with friends and family. However people often spread news as well between each other. One person posting something on twitter can cause the whole world to start discussing it. This is called ‘viral’ as it is like a virus but in a good way. It travels from person to person.

This has caused more and more people to stop reading the newspaper, and in the recession people are doing everything they can to save money and so why spend a couple of dollars a day to find out the news when you can just go onto your favourite online news site or talk to your friends about the news on twitter or facebook.

News is also faster to find out about online. Forget waiting till the morning to hear about some news that happened today. Just go on google and find the news instantly. You don’t have to go out to the shop to find out the news either.

Even waiting for the 6 o’clock news is silly when you can just find out about it minutes after it happened. For example a break in happened on Thursday night in our town. Well actually just up the road from where I live. I heard about almost as soon as I went into my twitter . Beats waiting for the weekly local paper to be published!

That example is a real world version of social networking. If I had bothered to log onto facebook or twitter, I may have heard it around an hour after the event instead of a whole week for the newspaper to be published!

It will be very hard for the newspaper to gain control of the croud .

The best real example i can give :


The Daily Telegraph has increased circulation dramatically (by 160,000 some say) because of excellent journalism. They have been running a series for the last two weeks now where they “expose” several members of parliament every day for serious fraudulent expense claims and/or tax avoidance. The stories (and source) are exclusive to the Telegraph. Some are liable for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The result has been a major scandal within the House of Commons, the resignation of the Speaker, and perhaps as many as 50% of the current members ineligible for future commons membership. It dominates the news every day.

So if you work in the Newspaper industry you know what you have to do … get some news that we cant find on the Internet !

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  1. ‘Who said that newspapers are dying? If you print something interesting enough then people WILL go out and buy papers’.

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