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Web Hosting

Deciding who you host your site with is one of the most crucial decisions you will make in building your site. You don’t want a host that is often down or a host that has slow support.

If a host is down then you can lose visitors that could have bought something via a affiliate link or if you sell it yourself you could have got a sale. Also having bad support can be very annoying as if you are new in the world of setting up a site then you will most likely need a bit of help. If you send a support ticket you don’t want to be waiting for days on end for a response. This is often the biggest problem with one man hosts which we will cover in this article.

Hostgator and the other major companies

Hostgator is a very big company who own 1,000’s of servers. They claim to host 1.7 million sites which if you think about it is a very large amount of sites who trust hostgator and pay them. They can afford to have dedicated support teams that are available via free to call numbers or via the internet in live chat.

They treat each customer well as a big company doesn’t want to have their name spoiled.


Go Daddy are according to them the biggest domain registrar in the world. This means in simple terms they sell the most domains!

They now offer webhosting which is according to many people quite bad. They are quite expensive and are not dedicated in one ‘trade.’ Domains and webhosting are similar but they are not the same if you are the registrar or host.

Cheap 1 Man Hosts

These are the people who run small hosts and promote their services on forums such as digital point. They are VERY cheap and it is now possible to get a unmetered hosting plan for $2 a year. However these people are not able to have dedicated support teams as they often reply to questions personally. This sounds good but they can’t live without sleep so they will only be able to solve your problems when they are awake. Hostgator does not have this problem as the employ different people for the daytime and the nightime. So these are often avoided.

Personally i have tried both Hostgator and Godaddy and the best thing to do is to get your domain from Godaddy and host your files with Hostagator .

It’s a good practice to keep the domain and hosting on separate system .

If you need more info let me know .

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  1. I have been an affiliate marketer for a few years, and have tried alot of different web hosting companies, I agree that you have to choose a hosting company that has a good support system in place.

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