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Firebug – Why every website owner should use it

Firebug is an add on (plugin) for the popular internet browser Firefox.

You can edit any HTML, CSS or JavaScript page from within your browser and see the results LIVE! This is one of the reasons why so many people use Firefox to test and debug their sites. It’s so easy to use and it is free so there isn’t really a reason not to!

It has an interface that is very user friendly. You can select parts of the code and it will show you what part that code makes. In simple terms if you highlighted the code for the Heading it would highlight the heading. It changes the site instantly. Well it changes how you see it but the source is still the same until you re-upload the HTML or css documents.

It is used by around 2 million webmaster daily. That shows you how many people actually use it. Granted the downloads is at 15 million but so what? 2 million people actively using something means it is most likely good. Why would people use something that sucks? Also I found out that most people use it during the week. Not really that important but it is quite interesting and shows it is good for working with during the working day. Most likely web designers like you are using it to help create their clients sites and you should too.

It can help you debug your site quicker than before and you don’t want to make a site for your client that is filled with bugs and errors!

So in conclusion it is a great Firefox extension that will make your life developing websites a lot easier than using a traditional WYSIWYG tool that makes you re-upload time and time again to make your website easier.

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