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Work Feedbacks ?

This is kind of Model that you can send to your supervisor asking him on how you are performing at work

Dear xxx,

Now that I have been here for (X months / Years), I wanted to take the time to analyze my performance at the company to make sure that I always deliver the best quality of work.

I’m very pleased that I joined the team and that I have all the needed support, communication, and resources.

I have been working hard to meet the company’s expectations and to best present our services to our clients. I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you can share with me. Both positive and/or negative feedback would be very helpful.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. This position has been a great learning experience thus far!

Thank you,

When you get an answer , try always to see the positive side of it .

If your manager is happy from your work keep it up,

In case you receive some negative feedback’s take it as constructive criticism in no way your manager wants to make you feel bad.

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