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MSc ecommerce

Finally … I’m done with my master degree in E-Commerce !!!

Today was my final step (The Presentation) in front of my Supervisor and Teachers .

My Supervisor was Sylvain Amoros Also (M.sc eCommerce)

and 2 PhD teachers :

Gilbert Babin

  • M. Sc. (Computer Science), University of MontrĂ©al
  • Ph.D. (Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Paul Mireault

  • M. Sc. (Computer Science), University of Montreal
  • Ph.D. (Management Science), MIT

The presentation is the last step before graduation , i had the chance to do an Internship at Cossette Communication Group (check it on wikipedia)

Cossette Communication Group Inc. (TSX: KOS) is one of the largest marketing communications company in the world. One of the top 15 advertising agencies in North America, it numbers among the 25 leading agencies worldwide.

I would have post my presentation but since it’s in french … i wont :)

I did some cool project during the summer here are some headlines :

MySpace UK : We did their Advertisement Campaign on Google/Msn/Yahoo , we did some cannibalisation on the keywords , landing pages optimizations , generated their keywords .

Discusswireless.com : Did a lot of SEO on the site , tested cj.com , ebay and AdSense , traffic acquisition , wrote also a script that generate a big part of the site from the cj.com xml feeds using php and cron jobs .

Protectron.com : CMS needed to be changed from S2I to Free Open Source Joomla , a lot of SEO .

Bombardier.com : Worked on a sub-domain (domains.bombardier.com) platform that allows bombardier employee to register a domain or a subdomain

Adgear.com (BloomDigital) Supposed to be “Google AdSense Competitor” and “Google AdWords Competitor” it was written in python at first then they started all over using Ruby i don’t know what will happen with this … time will tell us .. but during the python i had the chance to play with the platform and test it for bugs and other issues .

ESI Technology SEO Optimization

My M.Sc was a good experience generally , I’ll try for once to be less negative … anyway now i don’t have future plan for my university career i know it’s not over yet .

i still have to work on my communication skills , improve my English and french and work more on the technical side .

My Current Job (DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL) is an awesome job .. i wish i had joined them before , everyday i get to learn something new and the thing i like the most is that my Boss is in the United States so he only speaks English … a good reason for me to practice English ;)

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