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Flash Shopping Cart

My Friend and Partner (Wassim Sidani) just launched his amazing FLASH Shopping Cart , here’s the description :

Usable Actionscript3 flash shopping cart. Packed with lots of features (video support, multiple payment processors and gateways, supporting paypal, 2checkout and authorize.net) this flash based actionScript3 driven cart is probably the most flexible feature rich cart available today.

This actionScript3 shopping cart takes advantage of the rendering engine of flash player 9 and up, its performance exceeds actionscript2 carts by far and you can be sure your customers will receive first class user experience using our cart.

With a filesize less than 140 Kb, you will be amazed by the number of features this cart brings to your online store.
You can have several categories of goods sold through the cart, tangible and intangible (clothing, software, video lectures etc…). The cart supports all video and image formats supported by the flash player.

The cart comes in two flavors, an XML driven version and a MySQL+php adminPanel powered version; both flavors are ready to go products with no learning curves.

The XML driven version can run on any server, there are no special requirements, no database installation or server side scripting needed whatsoever.

The MySQL adminPanel powered version uses a MySQL database to store the details about the products and a php backend to manage the database through a very user friendly interface that makes sense!

The actionscript3 flash shopping cart can be connected to an optional automatic delivery system (sold separately) which is extremely useful for digital goods; buyers can immediately download the digital product they bought without intervention by the merchant. The shopping cart is licensed through one of the two following licensing schemes for maximum flexibility, a designer version and a developer version. The designer package of the actionScript3 shopping cart does not include source code. So what if you want to customize the look of the cart? Well it is easier than doing it yourself, you can simply send the author a psd or a draft of your design and they do that for you and send you the finished, ready to deploy, swf file.

The developer package allows you to do practically anything with the cart since full commented source code is included. The licensing scheme of the developer package is more flexible than the designer package since you can use the cart on an unlimited number of domains without restrictions.

The look and feel of the cart is easily customizable if you have the developer version, all you need is flash CS3 or higher and some basic flash knowledge.
What’s even better is the free installation and technical support with every sale (applies for both the designer and developer versions).

The author also offers adding custom features, integrating the cart with existing flash sites, and translating the interface to different languages for an additional fee which depends on complexity of the task.

Here’s the demo of the AS3 flash shopping cart, the demo connects to paypal as payment gateway yet the retail version supports 2checkout and authorize.net as well.

Live Demo of the Flash Shopping cart :

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  1. not bad at all. flash can be very tricky to work with, but it could be uniquely integrated to make an impact. the biggest downside are the load times.

  2. I do love flash carts, and love this one. Although a better one would be one with more options, good admin console, and a cart that might be very competitive to this one.

  3. Looks very similar to carts AS3 flashcarts

    Good information though.

  4. I like this simple cart as well, but I have to agree with Samir Maddic, the Level Four Storefront solution is much more comprehensive, has a full host of admin features, and the overal presentation of products is much nicer, looks more skinnable, and a more professional solution. And it seems that most of these carts really just send you to a 3rd party to process payment, where I believe the Level Four Storefront solution processes things right there on the site, which is much needed from a store owner position.

  5. Looking to purchase, maybe this shopping cart; Dreamlinestudio has lacking support; Level Four Storefront cost too much; trying to find a shopping cart for an existing website we presently have, one that uses an Admin Panel, inventory and developer package without monthly fees or costly upfront fee. So far this one fills the bill, not yet sure.

  6. yes Marlen Hansen … it look like dreamline because he’s the one who made the flash shopping cart for Dreamline studio :)

  7. Chaaban,

    You are mistaken, I know the developer that made the AS3 carts for Dreamlinestudio and has nothing to do with this cart. The older AS2 carts were developed by another guy, but not the new AS3 carts.

  8. Does anyone know how to install the As3 shopping carts from dreamlinestudio?

    They offer NO support and their help files are a joke.

    Surely there is someone out there who can help? Dreamlinestudio offer installation for $40 so it can’t be that hard??

    Many thanks,

    Nick Kail
    (Your Tune Records)

  9. I ordered the AS3 Flash Cart. The README.TXT says to refer to the included video tutorial for instructions. There is no video included. I’ve tried contacting customer service every day since, via e-mail and voice mail. To date, I’ve received no response. Their support email bounces back as invalid. The contact form on their website sends me an auto-reply, acknowledging that they’re received my message and will “contact me shortly.”

    I’ve even paid the extra $50 for them to install it. 5 days later, my cart was installed — still with no instructions. I have a basic knowledge of Flash (which according to their site, was all I needed). However, this cart is NOT basic.

    I was finally able to reach their third-party installer via email, who then phoned me to say that not only does HE not have the video, but that the company was notorious for NOT returning phone calls.

    The cart does NOT function the way it’s supposed to. I’m unable to correctly enter my song’s information into the database — even by following their examples on their website (and knowledge base), I still get the wrong results. Their admin panel doesn’t even allow me the correct fields to properly enter my song’s information. Their site videos and knowledge base do not address my issues, as since they failed to provide me with my instructional video, I am unable to use this cart.

    I’ve even contacted them, offering to pay an additional fee for them to “customize” my cart, as an attempt to fix the issues. Still, no response. I’ve been more than patient with them, but since I have an important deadline for my digital store to launch — and because they absolutely have NOT responded to ANY of my emails, voicemails or messages, I am forced to find an alternate solution.

  10. I had zero issues with them at all, in fact we have a ring of e-commerce developers that use the AS3 and AS2 shopping carts. I just looked at my product download and found my install instructions

    Maybe they updated the cart readme information? I don’t know.

    Also, anybody that is new to installing these kinds of carts that involve flash actionscripting, MYSQL, and other permission based settings, you are probably better off paying to get it installed and as far as instructions

    They have a newer updated cart with an install.php which makes installing the cart wayyyy easier, but you can see that in the installation video. I am a reseller for the carts they offer and I had had zero problems with the product, guess the only issue I have are customers that have VERY LITTLE experience with dynamic content managment and I have to hold their hand through the whole process, no biggie though.

  11. richard,,,can you please contact me …I cant get a response from dreamline!!!!!!
    phone or email…bought and piad for as3 cart..but it has no index…pro website desiqner says he needs index!!!.
    dreamline wont answer me??/!!! getting ready to challenge visa charge on grounds they ripped me off!! can you help?

  12. how can I buy this shopping cart please? and is it easy to add the product photoes??
    please I need reply asap.

    Thank you

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