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Varnish – The Caching System

Varnish is a free open source software that you can install on a server to make a site much much faster (up to 20 times) also called “HTTP accelerator

Varnish is the next generation of Squid (another http accelerator) , much faster and if you dont have enough money to pay AKAMAI for CDN (Content Network delivery) then Varnish is the solution .

During the last few weeks i had the chance to mess with varnish and the experience till now is not so good .

to be able to customize this software you would need to learn “a new” programming language called “VCL” or Varnish Configuration language .

The documentation about that language is also very poor , so the only solution would be to test test and test.

I installed varnish on my Ubuntu machine with 1 line of codes : sudo apt-get install varnish that’s it … you are ready to use it .

i wont enter in details about the VCL configuration … maybe when i mess more with it and get more experience about it .

basically you need to edit 2 files (the .vcl and file under etc/default/varnish)

where you mention the url of the site you want to cache and the host where you will be streaming them .

using comand line you can see some stats (varnistats)

will post more codes about varnish when i get the time .

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