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Jett Travolta

Jett Travolta john travolta’s kid died …

Jett Travolta Dies in Bahamas: The son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, 16-year-old Jett died when they were in vacation …

jett travolta

It’s sad for the family but my point is not here .. the whole web community started talking about it and they forgot about the hundreds of kids killed everyday in Palestine , Iraq and Afghanistan .

What so special about John Travolta and his son Jet ?? Why dont we care about kids killed everyday ? is this because they are not made in Hollywood ?? , Jett Travolta died during a vacation in the BAHAMAS while GAZA Children never heard of something called vacation.

Oh yeahhh … i know remember why !! if we talk about Palestinian children it’s called Propaganda !

Just imagine your kids instead of those ….

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  1. 155,000 die on earth every 24 hours – “money can’t buy you life” – Bob Marley Nobody on here knows the family. I’m way more concerned for the families of the 8 dead snowmobiliers or the guy killed at Whistler.

  2. So so sad… parents should never have to go through this… a parent’s worse nightmare… I feel for them deeply.

  3. Everybody- hug your kids a little extra hard tonight, you never know how long they are here for.

  4. So sad to hear about the death of a child.

  5. Such a horrible way to begin a New year. My sympathy’s to The Travolta family.

  6. doesn’t seem like an appropriate time to ask this, but given his parents religious belief that mental and neurological disorders do not exist, I wonder if this kid was taking medication to control his seizures.

  7. I am so very sorry John and Kelly

  8. Innocent people, including children, die every day, all over the globe, from disease, famine, war, terrorism, religious fanatacism, abuse and neglect, accidents and unexplained circumstances.

    Jett Travolta’s death, and the publicity surrounding it, does not negate or lessen the deaths of children lost to sensless war. It’s simply that we are a culture interested in celebrity.

    The Travolta family should not be expected to grieve any less for their son because there is war taking place in the world, nor should we as a people be any less sympathetic to them for their loss. Compassionate people can be concerned about all of the above.

  9. Thanks Nikki for your comment , i appreciate your point of view … but dont you think it’s a little bit inhuman ?

    Why should we care about celebrities (most of them making millions / year if not more) .. and living a perfect life in their point of view while we dont care or give importance for the killing of innocent children…

    More than 500 civilian were killed in the past few days … have you heard about them on the media ? mostly not … expect much more

  10. It is not impossible to care about ALL of the innocent people being killed or dying. One reason so much interest is in the Jett Travolta case, is because it is quite mysterious. So many questions because A) His parents deny (with a straight face) his autism. B) His parents claimed kawasaki disease when they have been pressed (and that disease is usually found in Asian infant males and does not cause seizures). C) The original reports (from AP and all others) were that the kid was last seen entering thebathroom Thursday night, and was found in said bathroom the NEXT DAY DEAD. They also immediately claimed he bumbed his head in or on the tub and had a seuizure (not sure which order). THEN Trvolta’s lawyers immediately started speaking and trying tochange the story. People familiar with Scientology, Autism, and Kawasaki Syndrome see there are obvious discrepancies and an obvious stench around this story. Considering the history of the heinous actions and teachings of the Scientology “church” makes me have shivers thinking of this case. There better be an investigation. There would be with anyone else. It is also ironic this happened in the same locale area where other americans have recently died,been killed, and the investigations were pretty weak, so there were never any arrests. I am sure the Travoltas are not unaware of that irony.

  11. im a war survivor and right now im trying to arrange my life again….i’ want to ask only wht sin a young kids done ?why they are always using as a collateral damage in a war or conflect…do we dont have a right to live in a normal life or just because we are poor ?

  12. I cant believe those pics of the palestinian children. I just had no idea, how did I have no idea.?Thats so heart breaking. I kind of wish I was still blissfully ignorant. Those images will be with me a while. It feels so helpless when there is nothing you can do to help. Not realistically anyway.

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