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Fishing Places in Montreal – Oka

Article of my 2008 posts ….

People that know me know that I’m in love with fishing , my dad taught me how to fish since i was 4 ; and since then i didn’t stop !

The best place to fish was in Saudia Arabia . There was a lot of big fish !! I enjoyed my time there few years ago , then in USA- Florida we used to go fishing in the night and also it was amazing .

The bad news is that we don’t have a beach in Montreal … we still have some lakes; and this is today’s topic .

Since I’m searching for new Fishing places in Montreal , i said why not let other fishers know the place that i go to ;) and add some pictures of my latest trip there .

So today it’s about a place – 20 km’s after Oka – in total it’s 70 km far from Montreal .

This is what me and my friend got there ;)

it’s called : PIKE or Brochet (fr) And the silver one is called :Goldeye or laqueche (in french)

If you know a good place near montreal feel free to comment ;)

Direction to go there :

  • Take the Aut 13 N ramp on the left
  • Merge onto Autoroute Chomedey
  • Take the Auto Route 640 O exit
  • Merge onto Autoroute 640/Autoroute de la Rive-Nord
  • Take exit 11 for 148/Boulevard Arthur Sauvé toward Lachute
  • At Boulevard Arthur-Sauvé, take the 1st exit onto Boulevard Arthur-Sauvé
  • Continue on Route 148
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  1. Hi:

    Your direction note is not right, I can’t follow your direction
    on the map, Would you email me a right one. Thanks a lot!


  2. my daughter loves to fish but we do not know where to go close to montreal,where you do not need a boat ,could you help?

  3. He indicates he was 20 kms past Oka. Looking at distance and what he’s catching and the view, he was probably in the little delta near Ile De Carillon. You’d have to get off the #148 eventually and work down on small roads to the #344 near St- Placide to stay on the water. Because the #148 ends up going North. Best off taking the #640 West until it hits the #344 East and stay on it all the way to about 5 kms or so past St-Placide. Couple of streets start showing up on the left heading down to the water. Take Rue Du Domaine and go the end. You’ll find an Ice Fishing / Boat Dock / Canoe Rental type joint there. Fish the bay to the right, the channel between the islands straight out and you’ll catch what he caught as well as Perchaud and some Bass.

  4. You’d be better off taking the A40 to go to Oka (it’s west of the island). I have a question, can you pinpoint it on say google maps for us and post the link? Did you need a boat, or did you fish from shore?



  5. OK….
    your directions arent right
    in the national parc of Oka there is no place for fishing and near by its all private ….. so can you give some good directions with a map! ???

  6. Hey people , how are you all , is there any site available in montreal or laval plz comment

  7. There is a fishing spot in lachine, Montreal, at the following location:
    Intersection of Boulevard Saint Joseph and 34e Av.
    You’ll see a light house strip, that’s where a lot of people go fishing, you park your car and throw in and relaxe.

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