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Gaza Under Attack

Live Footage !!! Gaza massacre 12/27/08

Hundreds Die in Israel Raid on Gaza

Gaza Attacked Innocent Civilians Matryed

Gaza Attacked innocent children, women, infants among casualties. Who has condemned it. Two days ago Israel foreign minister meets with Hosni Mubarak where they came up with a plan to attack Gaza because palestine is the only democracy in the nation which was a problem for the existence of Israel. Shame on Egypt and other Arab leaders for their full cooperation in killings of innocencet civilians. Where are the islamic leaders who came forward in condemning mumbai attack? Why dont they condemn it. Why UN does not condemn? As Zardari said mumbai attack was carried by stateless actors then Gaza 9-11 was carried by state actors.

Revenge call

Hamas has vowed revenge on Israel after massive air strikes on the Gaza Strip killed more than 220 people.

U.S. Condemns Rocket Attacks On Gaza

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe speaks about the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

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