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WordPress Footer encrypting useless

Most designers or programmers that work on wordpress (Themes or plugins) want something in return. In most cases it’s money (selling them) or Backlinks or even some donations (no one works for free right ?).

But since the source code is available; anyone can modify it and remove the link back to the original author. What happened during the past year is that programmers started to encrypt the source code of the footer theme so no one would be able to remove it or change it. And if they were able to delete the footer.php file; then the theme would mess up.

Theme designers usually get paid for selling links on the footer of a theme up to 5 links/theme (1 Designer link and 4 Sponsors links , Collaboration Link).

The price varies between 20$ and 100$.

Personally i wouldn’t buy or sell any link (for SEO reasons). Google is playing hard on those who sell/buy links to game the system.

Anyway that’s not the topic for today,but I will post my experience on this later.

So back to the topic, designers are encrypting the footer so no one would be able to modify it; and by doing that they protect their businesses.

The problem is that what they are doing is not enough, because of the following two points:

  • There is Decrypting software available online
  • Source code of the page

PHP Decrypting software

Those Decrypting softwares are available online, all what you have to do is copy past the encrypted code and voila!You have the source code… The most famous Decrypting software i can think about is : Motobit – Base64 Online -base64 decode and encode. Just search Google for decoding PHP online.

Source code of the page

If you don’t want to use any software, then all what you need is the HTML Code:

1- Install the wordpress theme.
2- Activate the theme.
3- Use your browser and go to the source code of your page.
4- See the HTML code of the footer (usually the code you want starts from [div id="footer"]).
5- Go to footer.php, remove its content and replace it by the HTML Code you got from the source code.

Note 1 : Sometimes the theme contains -at the footer- some functions like (TOP COMMENTATORS , RECENT COMMENTS , LAST 10 POSTS , ETC). In that case you have to add them manually.

Note 2 : This post is not intended to ruin the Designers and Programmers’ life … I’m my self one of them but it’s more intended to find another solution for this problem ;)

If you have any idea on how to protect a wordpress theme…Then feel free to post it here.

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  1. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

  2. Interesting article

  3. Hi there! I love your site :-)

  4. i end up coming here while searching how to decode such encrypted footer links but gained pretty much information. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes i am searching for the best solution so far. as i am building themes for my theme gallery site and dont want user to crack the themes.

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