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«Bush attacked by Muntazer al-Zaidi




  1. Bush is a great man with great reflects.

    Hi is one of the respectfull man in the world for all his done!

    best wishes to President Bush.

  2. vive l’iraque

  3. I just the interview with Muntazer on Dream2 Egyuptian tv station. I was happy he is alive and in good health. He sets an example of creative expression and will definetly be a sourc of inspiration for many years to come. I do recommend he develops further and lead the way like Nelson Mandela. Finding creative movement of expression for the Arab youth. I like for him to keep independance from the religious tags. Muntazer, you need to be a poeples person to liberate and advance the whole. Do not be limited by any of the idoelogies of religious leaders who are currently are just increasing their wealth and are really looking for being in the leadership. You need to go for setting a meaceful movement like Mandela acroos the Arab countries. I like to help.
    May Allah make a cause of change for the generations to come.

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