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WordPress 2.7 automatic version upgrade !

WordPress 2.7 1 click version upgrade !!

When i saw the video of the new wordpress 2.7 i wasn’t impressed at all , just new fancy stuff and Ajax integration and better User Interface (UI)

Until … they finally did it !!!

From now on you can upgrade your wordpress version with 1 click , having to use ftp and delete the old version then install the new version all that is now history !! It was a real pain … to manually update the wordpress each time they had a new version especially if you have 50+ blogs to manage.

CONGRATULATION WORDPRESS For finally integrating what millions of users were asking for ! (Well there was a plugin called “WordPress Automatic upgrade” that does this , but now it’s built in ;) )

I’m a big fan of wordpress and will always be , most of my friends use Joomla for their site , joomla is not that bad but it’s very heavy and very messy , when you install joomla you need to upload at least 3500-4000 files while on wordpress it’s approximately 500 files.

watch WordPress 2.7 automatic version upgrade

The auto upgrade is the core is a long awaited feature !!

Expect to see WordPress 2.7 on this blog soon Already using it , you might not feel the difference but i will :p (

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  1. Well I must say, this is a great update for wordpress. Kudos to them for finally doing this. Now there won’t be any trouble with people that won’t be able to update their own blog.

  2. I love the new upgrade option… makes wordpress just more valueable… thanks!

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