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Thank you Advil Liqui Gels !

For those who dont know me … i have Migraine Since i was 4 or maybe before … but at 4 is when we knew about it .

The Dr. told my family that it should go with me growing up … i’m now 26 and i still have it … even now when writing this post i have migraine !

When you have migraine … forget your work , you cant work anymore , you cant even see light all what you need is obscurity and silenceeeeeee (even now me typing is anoying me)

So what do i do … just take an Advil Liqui Gel Capsule and it’s working with me so i wanted to Thank ADVIL for it product :)


ok now the other side of the medal , while i was typing this post my friend (PHD) (who also have migraine) told me the following about this subject :

A.: i used to take all sorts of pain killers for the migraine
A.:and for sinus pain
A.:and tension headaches and it reduces the pain okay
A.: but what really kills me
A.:is that these medications only treat the symptoms
A.:they dont treat the cause
A.:u’re gonna have to live on them for the rest of ur life if u choose that route
A.:so for me, it wasnt gonna work out
A.:especially because when i go to the doctors they tell me silly things that dont make even a bit of sense.. nothing logical
A.:ex: about the sinuses, the doctors checked them he said u have problems but just take advil for cold and sinus when u feel pain
A.:noooo real treatment for the problem!
A.:and for migraine, the doctors told me, there is no treatment, just try not to stress!!!
A.:they are trained not to dig into the problem but to prescribe more and more drugs
A.:so that people keep taking medications
A.:and the pharmaceutical companies keep selling
A.:i decided i had enough with “mainstream medicine” and thought i would try chinese medicine
A.:believe me i think my problem is being solved
A.:Now i am seeing this american doctor who seems to be solving my problem so far, i’m not having migraines!.. the general area is Alternative medicine but his specialty is in chinese medicine and chiropractic

i hope you will benefit from this post like i did , i dont have access to a chinese doctor in montreal but .. will try to see more about it .

Thanks Dr.A !

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  1. That’s so true. You do have to keep taking these drugs every time you feel the pain when you don’t treat the cause. So imagine all these chemicals dumped in your body for no necessity and deal with their side effects… it’s a sad story.

  2. I agree with the commenter above me, once you start taking these it’s very hard to stop. I wonder if in the near future, there will be patches for people who can’t stop taking pain relieving medicines like they have for cigarettes…

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