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Hotmail Anti Spam System

I have been using hotmail for nearly 9 years, (30 September 1999), and currently I don’t consider it my primary email … why?

It is because their Anti Spam system sucks. Everyday at hotmail I receive 20-30 spam emails, while at GMAIL most of spams (~97%) is caught .

I try to reduce the number of spams that I get by adding a wide domain to the black list .

ex: @spam.com will block all emails received from spam.com (xx@spam.com , etc@spam.com).

To do that, follow these instructions :

Options -> Junk E-mail -> Safe and Blocked Senders -> Blocked senders Manage who is blocked from sending you e-mail. Messages from blocked senders are automatically deleted.

The Problem : is that recently I have got a lot of emails from yahoo groups that I don’t know how they got my email. However, yahoo allows group owners to add emails without requesting a confirmation from the user .

So i try to add : yahoogroups.com and i receive the nice message from HOTMAIL SUPER STRONG ANTI SPAM SYSTEM :

That domain can’t be added to the blocked sender’s list.

another msg is received when MSN.COM is entered :

To ensure that you receive important messages about your account, this address can’t be blocked.

We can’t say that HOTMAIL is refusing the blocking of yahoo because Microsoft wants to buy it, since the same happens if you want to block emails from @gmail.com

anyway another bad news for the web and a good news for the spammers Dave (Spam Karma 2 – ANTI SPAM PLUGIN) Decided to release his code under the GPL and to stop working on it …

I am hereby officially announcing that I will no longer support, maintain or further develop Spam Karma

Good Luck Dave ;)

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  1. Well, Gmail i know has better spam protection from msn, but they aren’t nearly as bad as aol is. It is strange though that @yahoogroups.com can’t be blocked, have you atleast tried blocking each individual email, instead of wildcarding yahoogroups.com?

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